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Virginia, Tech

Video Transcript

Chloe here,
coming to you from

the beautiful campus
of Virginia Tech.

The school sits on 2,600 acres
and most of the buildings here

are made of grey Limestone
that they call "Hokie" stone.

What is a Hokie?

Well, the word actually
has nothing to do with

a turkey or a bird.

It was coined by a VT
student in the 1800s

who wrote a spirit
yell for a competition.

This guy is one of over
75 ceramic Hokies

found in the town
of Blacksburg

and each has original
artwork painted on it.

Virginia Tech is located in
a picture book-like setting

in the small town of
Blacksburg, Virginia,

which is set on a plateau
between the Blue Ridge

and Allegheny Mountains
and has a population of 40,000,

60% of which
are students.

"Outdoor Magazine"
named Blacksburg as

one of the ten best
places to live in the US

because of its access to
numerous outdoor activities,

such as skiing, hiking,
and rafting just to name a few.

Blacksburg--the whole town
of Blacksburg is very small.

The average age
is around 22,

so it's very much
a college town.

So there are lots of apartment
complexes around town.

You can live pretty
much anywhere.

There's a bus system
that makes it really easy

to get to and from campus.

So it's a nice community
to live in, definitely

and rent is very inexpensive.

At the duck pond student can
walk, jog, bike, feed the ducks,

barbeque, even propose
to their sweethearts.

It serves as such a quiet,
peaceful getaway for students.

Virginia Tech's campus sits on
2,600 scenic acres and features

neo-Gothic architecture which
in the words of school members,

allows the campus to look like

a college campus
is supposed to look.

Virginia Tech's total enrollment
is approximately 27,000 students

with about 21,000

containing 5,000
in the freshman class.

Virginia Tech has competitive
admission standards,

as admitted
students earn

an A to B+ average in
college prep classes,

a 3.82 grade point average,
and a 1229 SAT score.

We do want a
well-rounded student,

one who is doing more
than just going to class.

We're looking for
students who are able

to maintain very good
competitive grades while

working or doing other things
in the community or home.

Tuition at Virginia Tech,
including room and board,

runs about $12,700
for in-state students

and just over $25,000

for out of state students.

Virginia Tech offers more
than 70 undergraduate majors.

The top freshman
majors include

general engineering, business,
and biological sciences.

Virginia Tech is unique because
if you have an interest in it,

you can do it here,
but you still have everything

that a large research university
makes available to you.

Some of the most well-known
programs at Virginia Tech

include engineering,
architecture, and agriculture.

Virginia Tech boasts
over 200,000 alumni.

I actually am
a transfer student.

I transferred after two years at
another institution in Virginia.

I do feel like I get a valuable
education at Virginia Tech.

The focus of
my major was

so centered around
what I wanted to do.

I felt like it was perfect
for what I wanted do next,

which was grad school.

Living on campus here at Tech
is really an awesome experience.

We have the number two dining
program in the country,

so the food
here is amazing.

Wake up, roll out of bed,
stumble into a dining hall,

eat some amazing food.

Virginia Tech offers students
unparalleled access to research

and top-notch
professors in their field.

In fact, many teachers
on campus have written

their course textbooks
required for their classes.

All the faculty are
incredibly committed.

I think you will find them
really devoted to teaching

and sometimes at a big research
school people don't expect that

and it's because
the faculty do that.

They go in every day to
have fun with their students,

to really learn
and engage them

and it makes it
a fun place to be.

You're not gonna
find your average case

of bad college food
here at Virginia Tech.

Their food was ranked
second in the nation

by the Princeton Review.

Students can find food on
campus between 7 am and 2 am

and they can even submit
their favorite recipes

to be served in
the dining center.

There are over 600 registered
student organizations

and numerous club
and sports opportunities

available for students.

There are also 64
nationally affiliated

sororities and fraternities
on campus,

which nearly 13%
of students join.

Students can do
anything they want,

anything they can imagine.

We have more than 600 clubs
and organizations on campus

and if you still don't find
something you want to do,

you can find two or three other
students and form your own club.

A popular tradition
is performed during

the third quarter of
each football game.

Let's do it, guys!

You put your right foot in,
you put your right foot out.

You put your right foot in
and you shake it all about.

You do the hokie pokie
and you turn yourself around.

That's what it's all about.

Left foot...

You put your
left foot in...

The first super computer,

constructed with
Apple computers,

called System X,
was developed at Virginia Tech.

The Virginia Tech Corps
of Cadets is one of the few

military programs in the country
within a civilian university.

The Corps is really the oldest
tradition on campus.

We were here when
the university was founded

in 1872 and we've
been here ever since.

There are 750 cadets
here on campus.

We have everyone from
people who are here just for

the leadership training
and opportunities you have

with the Corps through people
who are seeking commissions

in the Army, Air Force,
Navy, Marine Corps.

We also have an
organization for people

who are interested in
a career in the Coast Guard.

You say Virginia Tech,
you think football.

Head Coach, Frank Beamer,
always has his team ready

for fierce competition in
the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Hokies have
been top contenders

in the ACC standings since
joining the conference in 2004.

If you are looking for
a tight-knit college community

that features top flight
educational programs

with high academic standards,

you may want to
make the Hokie spirit

at Virginia Tech
part of your life.

And I think our experiences,
especially lately,

have really bonded
us in ways that--

I mean, we were already
there and it just showed

the community that really
existed at Virginia Tech.

We hope you've enjoyed your
visit to Blacksburg, Virginia

on our tour of Virginia Tech.

We'll see you next time.

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