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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody.

Shayna here for
YOUniversity TV.

Welcome to Washington
& Jefferson College.

It got its start
back in 1781

in a little log cabin in
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Let's check it out and see
what it looks like today.

Washington & Jefferson
is located in the city of


a southwestern community
situated south of Pittsburg.

If you're ready
to have some fun,

hop on the Pipeline.

Washington & Jefferson
offers a van service to

students that drives them
straight into Pittsburg.

Hey, get on.

Washington is the county seed.

It's a very proud community,
a very historic community

that is filled with tradition.

I think clearly our proximity
to Pittsburg

is a real advantage
for the college.

Wonderful cultural

great professional sports,
great shopping, clubs,

the kinds of things
I think college students

take advantage of.

W&J's 60-acre suburban
campus includes more than

40 academic, recreational,
and residential structures,

comprised of mostly
historic buildings with

more and more
modern facilities

as well as a 54-acre
biological field station.

Washington & Jefferson
enrolls around 1,500 students,

53% male, 47% female,
and 6% minority students.

The student to faculty
ratio is a low 12:1.

I don't think there's
a typical W&J student.

That's one of the things I
love about teaching here,

is I have so many
different students

from so many
different backgrounds.

Applicants to Washington
& Jefferson College are

asked to submit
a personal statement,

their official high school
records, board scores,

and a letter of recommendation
from their guidance counselor.

Additional letters
of recommendation

and extracurricular activities
are also considered.

We do require
a personal statement

or an essay as a part
of the application process

and that's really an opportunity
for the student

to tell us something
about who they are

that we might not otherwise
be aware of in that application.

W&J charges roughly
$31,000 in yearly tuition

with additional room
and board fees over $8,000.

Over 80% of students
receive assistance.

W&J offers more than
20 academic majors,

as well as a variety
of minors, emphasises,

and concentrations including
entrepreneurial studies

and professional writing.

Some of the favorite majors
amongst students are biology,

business administration,
English, and political science.

Plus W&J is
internationally known

for their pre-law
and pre-health programs.

We have a lot of very young
faculty at the college right now

and it's a very exciting
time to be here.

Faculty are coming in,
they're setting up laboratories,

and they're having students
working in the laboratories

doing independent projects,

serious work,
and they're publishing.

Of Washington
& Jefferson's full-time faculty,

more than 85% hold a terminal
degree in their fields.

The professors
are always available.

They're really flexible
with their office hours.

I even have a few of their cell
phone numbers and house numbers,

which they give out freely.

And then even you know,
outside of their office hours,

they make themselves available.

I think one of
the great things

is our professors eat
with us in the Common.

So you know, you see
them in there all the time.

A lot of them live
right around campus,

so they'll have study
sessions at their home,

you know, make dinner.

The W&J Presidents participate
in NCAA Division III athletics

and offer 26 competitive
opportunities in varsity sports

for women and men.

The Presidents
have won more

than 30 athletic
conference championships

and produced 20 academic,
all-American athletes.

W&J is also the smallest school

to ever compete
in the Rose Bowl.

School Spirit's awesome.

Everybody goes
to football games.

But they don't just
go to football games,

they go to soccer games,
they go to lacrosse.

I was surprised because
it is a smaller school.

It's not like, you know,
the bigger schools

where they have,
you know, everyone goes.

But there is a really
strong supportive crowd.

A lot of the faculty
go to every game.

A lot of faculty adopt teams,
where they go and you know,

bring snacks for them.

Washington & Jefferson
can boast John Heisman

of Heisman Trophy fame as
one of their legendary coaches.

W&J offers 31 residential
facilities on campus

that range from Victorian
mansions to modern housing,

offering everything
from traditional rooms

to suite-style living.

Greek life here at W&J
is a lot different than,

you know, what you
see in the movies.

There's a really strong,
you know, brotherhood

and sisterhood
in Greek life.

They are the most
active on campus.

We have the highest GPA.

You'll always see them
around volunteering and doing,

like good stuff and it's a nice
thing to come into as well.

You know, you really feel
like you belong in something.

There are more than 80
different organizations

including academic
honoraries and activities

including the ski club,
the Red and Black Newspaper,

and the Franklin
Literary Society.

Intramurals are really
big here on campus.

Like dodgeball,
we have over intersession.

There's like 40
teams that go out

and have a big
dodgeball tournament.

There's lots of grass,
so we play frisbee.

We even played, like late-night
flashlight tag one night.

Sled riding's fun
during the winter.

We have concerts
and comedians.

There's always
something to do.

There are six
national fraternities

and four sororities, with events
such as Greek Week,

Homecoming Weekend,
and Spring Concert,

all very popular on campus.

W&J operates on
a 4-1-4 academic calendar.

Students take four courses in
the Fall and Spring semesters

and just one course
in the month of January.

This gives them
the opportunity

to concentrate on
their field of study,

branch out into new areas,

or travel with one of
the many intersession trips.

W&J is ranked first in
the country per capita

for producing lawyers
and ranked third in the country

for producing doctors
and medical researchers.

And check this out;
in 2007, 100% of graduates

who sat for the Pennsylvania
Bar Exam passed the test.

100%...those are
some smart cookies.

Think you're clever too?

Want to ace your test?

Washington & Jefferson College
can see you through.

Well thanks for hanging
out with me today.

Oh and of course,
Washington and Jefferson.

We'll see you
guys next time.

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