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Well, here we are at Furman University. I'm host Furari St. Paul and this is Youniversity TV. Let's go on a tour shall we. Furman University is in Greenville, South Carolina. It's the oldest, largest and most selective private institution in the state, and one of the top liberal art colleges in the United States. Between classes you can stop and smell the roses. As the Furman rose garden the gardener even lays out flowers for you to take home to your sweetheart. Furman is situated on a beautiful 750 acre wooded campus at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the 40 acre lake at its center and 32 major buildings. Mostly constructed of handmade Virginia brick and designed by the folks that brought you colonial Williamsburg. There's also a 18 hole golf course right on campus. So get ready because I'm going to make this one. That was close. Furman enrolls approximately 2,600 students. 44 percent men and 56 percent women, from 46 states and 47 countries. 

 Typically students have taken four out of the five highest level courses that are offered at their high school. They have around a 3.7 unweighted GPA. 50 percent of them have between a 1210   1400 on the SAT. And between a 26 and a 32 on the ACT. Tuition at Furman is about $31,000 per year with an additional $4,000 for room and $4,000 for board. Furman offers majors in 41 subjects including Latin American, classical or environmental studies as well as education, premed and prelaw programs. 

 Furman has a unique Asian study program. Students can find their place of peace in this Asian inspired garden. 

 Despite its size Furman is recognized among professional organizations for its chemistry, history, music, physics, political science and psychology department. The computer science department too has earned high marks. 

 The faculty, you know, from this campus are great. First of all they are very highly qualified. Very    very accomplished faculty 97 percent of our faculty have their Ph.D. or the highest degree in their field. But because we are a largely undergraduate institution all of our faculty are teaching the classrooms. We don't teaching assistants. We don't have graduate assistants. It's those professors right there in class with you. They care about their students. They are not out there to get you. They are there to challenge you. So if you are not in class you may get a phone call or E mail saying hey were you sick? Is something going on? They'll invite students over for barbeques. Invite students over to present their final project in their living room to give it more of a community feel. 

 And definitely they will give you their home phone number a lot of times may be invite you over to their house as a class and get together. You can really just learn a lot from them and they are really willing to talk to you about life and really anything you need help with here. 

 Furman was ranked as one of the Sports Illustrated top U.S. sports colleges. The Furman Paladins are strong competitors in NCAA Division 1 AA sports as members of the southern conference. Students at Furman are required to live on campus for all four years. 

 You can choose based on the type of set up you want whether it's suites or single or doubles. Therefore, it's pretty neat also how we have a survey kind of fill out based on your preferences. If you go to bed early, what you like to do, hobbies. So they kind of pair you up with someone who meets your meets your expectation. Usually it works out it worked out for me so hopefully it will work out for you all. 

 There's two different sides of campus for freshman that they can live on. There's lake side which is behind me. And south housing which is on the other side of the university center. I really enjoy south housing because there's the beach volleyball and then a big field that you can lay out in or play soccer, Frisbee, whatever you choose. And then there's one dorm in this particular McLaughlin which is the one I live in and it has the biggest rooms on campus. 

 Want to get involved? Student life at Furman is truly abundant with over 160 organizations. Even if you are not in any clubs, there are always plenty of activities on campus students can get involved in. Today's students are students are kicking off their shoes, hitting the sand and serving up some fun. 

 Worried about finding a job after college? Fear no more. Join Furman's on campus career service and let the professionals guide you. They will hold your hand through the resume process, help build your interviewing skills and set up practice interviews with local businesses. Many times that can turn out to be the real deal. Furman students have been known to receive job offers following their practice interviews. 

 Furman is changing its calendar so two semesters which is typical to what a lot of universities do but where the plus comes in is that they are going to have a May semester or May experience. It's going to be during the month of May optional for students to stay. And they'll only be taking one class during that month. But the neat thing is that it will be a class that's not offered any other time during the school year. And so for students with a very specific interest and whatever their major is or whatever academic department they are studying. The professor are going to really create sort of an individual program for them. They may study something for, you know, a month long time. Or they may do a field trip every day or they may go study abroad. So that allows a person flexibility as well. 

 Well, thanks for joining us here in Greenville, South Carolina, on our tour of Furman University. I'm Furari St. Paul with Youniversity TV and you? Get out of here. [music]

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