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Video Transcript

Welcome to the University
of West Florida,

home of the Argonauts.

What are Argonauts?

Well, they're a band of heroes
from Greek mythology.

UWF is located in
historic Pensacola

in the panhandle of Florida.

Featuring 52 miles of white
sandy beaches,

Pensacola has all the charms
of the deep South

and is also the home of the US
Navy's world famous Blue Angels

flying team.

Pensacola as a city is great.

Coming from Orlando,
it's very different.

A lot less stress,
a lot slower pace up here.

So that took a while
to get used to.

But to have the beach 15, 20
minutes from campus,

to have the ability to be
so close to New Orleans

and Atlanta and Birmingham,
just get the different flavors

of those cities, I think is
a great opportunity.

There's birds everywhere.

There's huge trees.

But just 20 minutes away is
one of the prettiest beaches

in this--in the nation.

The UWF main campus is
a 1,600-acre nature preserve

and bird sanctuary where
students often catch glimpses

of native species in
their natural habitat.

It's beautiful.

It's a beautiful place to be.

You're out in the middle
of a nature preserve

on a really comfortable
and intimate campus,

in the great state of Florida.

Moving away to college
was a really big deal.

And to come to a smaller
university where everybody's

really personal with you
and you get to meet new people

everyday, but it's not so many
people that you're just

overwhelmed that you feel
like you don't know anybody.

UWF enrolls more than 10,000
students, representing 49 states

and 91 countries,
with a ratio of roughly 40% male

to 60% female.

Our university floats between
being a large institution

and a small institution.

Students applying for
admission need to meet

the State University Admissions

In Florida, that's your grade
point average combined with

a sliding scale of
satisfactory test scores

on either the SAT or ACT.

Check out the UWF admissions
website for details.

Undergraduate tuition for
Florida residents averages

about $3,300 per year based
upon 15 credits per semester.

The equivalent for non-Florida
residents is about $16,000.

Residents of Alabama
are eligible for reduced

out-of-state tuition rates.

Tuition in Pennsylvania is much,
much more expensive

than it is for out-of-state
in Florida.

So you're getting
your money's worth.

Individual attention from
a world class faculty and staff

in a warm and caring environment
is the essence of UWF.

At West Florida, students have
an opportunity to put what

they've learned into practice
through internships,

competitions, group projects,
and community service.

The University of West Florida
sets high academic standards

while keeping their class
sizes small,

featuring an 18:1 student
to teacher ratio.

At UWF, they proudly say,
"Buildings may have numbers,

but students have names."

AT UWF, the buildings
have the numbers.

Students go, "Oh, I'm gonna
go to building 41 today

and hang out."

But professors know your name.

Their most popular majors
include Business, Education,

Math and Science,

Computer Science,
Engineering, and Health.

One of the more unique programs
UWF offers is the Archeology

program, which features
terrestrial and marine

archeology, where students can
explore America's first European

settlement or historic

UWF is also designated
as an All Steinway School,

where music majors have access
to 18 Steinway pianos.

Over 77% of the faculty hold
a doctorate degree,

and more than 85% hold
the highest degree

attainable in their field.

Our professors are really--
they're not just stand back

and "I'm gonna teach
the class and that's it."

A lot of classes are
open to discussion

in the middle of class.

So if you don't understand
something, you can go ahead

and raise your hand
and ask questions.

It's not like you have to be
afraid to speak out at all.

And so that makes it easy.

You can--you're able to approach
and talk to your professors.

The University of West Florida
sports teams compete

in the NCAA Division II
and include basketball,

baseball, softball, soccer,
golf, tennis, and volleyball.

In fact, the Argonaut men's
tennis team won the Division II

National Championship
in 2004 and 2005.

Campus life at UWF
features over 100 registered

student organizations.

So you can get involved
in any of them,

ranging from the SpongeBob
Squarepants club

to the history club.

UWF offers contemporary
on campus housing for over 1,400

students, as well as a new
108,000 square foot

state of the art health,
leisure, and sports facility.

The residence halls here are
equipped with full cable,

Ethernet access.

Each student has a desk
and a closet, their own bed,

plenty of storage space.

And for every two people
in a room, they also get

to share just one bathroom
with a shower and a toilet.

And they have their own
sink and vanity.

UWF has six alumni that have
gone on to become astronauts.

The University of West Florida
is recognized as a best

Southeastern college
by The Princeton Review.

So if you're looking for a great
education at a school with

southern charm, close to what
many consider the best beaches

in the world, and where you're
a name and not a number,

you may want to consider making
the University of West Florida

your home away from home.

Thanks for joining us here
in Pensacola on our tour

of the University
of West Florida.

Goodbye for now.

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