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Video Transcript

Hey, guys, Shayna here
for YOUniversity TV.

I'm running a little late,
I've got to meet Nicole

to start up our tour
for York College.

And there she is--
of course she's flirting.

Ah, are you done here?

Are you ready to start our tour?

He was just telling me
places to go.

Okay, so where
we gonna go?

We're gonna hit his dorm room
and then the Rock

and maybe the rec center.

All those cool things, right?

Hey, nice shirt!

Oh, yeah, nice shirt, too.

Ready, guys?

York College of Pennsylvania
sits in historic southern

York County,
one hour from Baltimore,

two hours from Washington, DC
and Philadelphia,

and four hours from
New York City and Pittsburgh.

York is also close to outdoor
activities like hiking, biking,

camping, and skiing.

So take advantage.

Since we are still
in central Pennsylvania,

Amish country is nearby.

There's a lot of other
agricultural communities

and events,
so it's a wide variety

of both urban and rural
kinds of activities.

Hey, Shana, what
are you reading?


U.S. News and World Report.

It's the "America's Best
Colleges" edition.

You'll never believe
who's in here.

Uh, York College?

York College of Pennsylvania
is listed under Great Schools

at Great Prices.

Let me see.

York College has an
undergraduate enrollment

of 4600--

Hosting international students
from 25 different countries.

Fifty-one percent of the class
is female, 49% male,

and 14% are of
diverse backgrounds.

The average class size
is 25 students,

and the student to
faculty ratio is 18:1.

Eighty percent of York College
SAT scores range

from 1000 to 1250.

The average ACT score is 25,
the average GPA is 3.4,

and two thirds of York College
freshmen graduate in the top

two fifths of their high school.

Check you out--
What's going on here?

Well, this is "Old Spart,"
and this cool tradition that

happens on campus is
where graduating seniors

get to write their
name on the Rock.

I hate to break it to you,
but you're not

a graduating senior.

Don't tell anyone
and I'll give you a paintbrush.


All in-state, out-of-state,
and international students

pay the same cost.

Yearly tuition and fees
are about $14,000,

plus room and board is
an additional $8,000,

giving students a total annual
price of around $22,000.

York College offers 50 Bachelor
and three Master degree


Business Administration,

Sports Management,
and Elementary Education

are just a few of
students' favorites.

Every biology class that
a student will take here

at York College comes with not
only a lecture component

but a laboratory component.

And from our outcomes
assessment in biology,

our seniors tell us that that
was one of their favorite things

about biology,
is the hands-on lab experiences

that they get every week,
every level, every semester.

York employs 162 full-time
faculty members.

Seventy-six percent
have their PhD,

and 81% have their
terminal degree.

I think that the faculty here
take a real strong interest

in undergraduate teaching.

I feel that's, uh, you know,
one of the key points

of York College.

All right, guys,
I'm here hanging out

with the Spartan.

Now, is it true that
the York College Spartans

compete in the NCAA division III
Capital Athletic Conference?

Now, they also tell me that
the men's basketball team

made it to the final four
in division III.


So, let's take a look around.

Oh, hey, Nicole,
how's it going?

Hey, Alex,
thanks for having me.

No problem, come on in,
make yourself at home.

Take a seat.

This place is amazing.

Oh, thank you,
thank you.

Does everybody
get to live here?

Not necessarily.

This is more upper
classmen housing.

Freshmen do have their
own dorms, though, so.

But the cool thing is that
only for the first year, um.

After that then they're
in apartment-style living

just like this.

And does everybody
have to live on campus?

Uh, for about the first
three years they do,

then you can move off-campus,
or you can be a commuter,

you know,
even as a freshman.

Nice TV.

So nice in here.

Look at the time,
I think I got to go.

Oh yeah, yeah, sure.

But thank you, Alex,
it was really nice.

Any time, any time.

With over 80 different clubs
and special interest groups,

you are welcome to
intramural sports teams,

national fraternities
and sororities,

religious organizations,
student theater, newspaper,

and even musical organizations.

I am involved with the, um,
National Coed Honor Fraternity,

which is Phi Sigma Pi, um.

I've been involved with that for
going on two semesters now, so.

I love it.

I have so many of my
friends are in there, um.

It's just a really
fun thing to do.

You have a lot of socials,
you have a lot of services

that you do, which I love,
kind of part of my major, um,

and then you just get to know
more people recruiting

and things like that.

So it's a lot of fun.

Our school has a few different,
um, activities,

plans for the students,
and one of them would be

and we have games,

we have pie eating contests,
we have a pie throwing contest.

We have a dunking booth,
we have bingo...

Any game you can think of,
we basically have it

and it's just a great time.

It's free food, free drinks,
free admission.

Another popular program, um,
and I think we've eased in some

since is that of
forensic chemistry.

Forensic chemistry would be
for the student who envisions

a career examining,
analyzing physical evidence

that would be brought in
from the scene of a,

the scene of a crime.

Forensic science faculty at York
investigated the body

of Albert DeSalvo,
the so-called Boston Strangler,

because there were some
serious questions about his

stabbing death that only modern
day forensics could answer.

Well, that's it for us,
I'm Nicole Aaron.

And I'm Shayna.

York College of Pennsylvania?

That's a wrap.

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