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Video Transcript

Hey, everyone, thanks for
tuning in to YOUniversity TV.

I'm Jessica.

Greetings to you
from Tulane University,

the most geographically diverse
school in the nation.

In fact, students travel
farther to attend Tulane

than any other school
in the country.

And you could be
one of them.

First up,
let's kick off our tour.

Tulane's University campus
is located on historic

St. Charles Avenue,
in an uptown New Orleans

residential neighborhood,
across the street

from Audubon Park
and the St. Charles

street car line.

Yeah, it seems like the campus
stretches all this way,

so it seems like
you could just, you know.

It's like see this
personal car.

VIP, right?

A dollar twenty-five
to ride the street car.

Campus is just six miles
from downtown New Orleans

and the French Quarter.

New Orleans is exceptionally
unique in the sense that it's

one of the only cities
in America that can

really lay claim to its own
unique architecture,

its own food,
its own language,

its own music.

It's really like
nowhere else on Earth.

Tulane's campus is situated
over 130 acres of green quads

lined with hundreds
of majestic live oak trees.

When spring hits here,
it's amazing.

Spring here is gorgeous,
we all go to the levy,

or the Fly,
um, as we all call it

down by the river,
and have crawfish boils

and, like, it's so much fun.

All of Tulane's five major
undergraduate schools

are on the uptown campus,
which is also home to

the law school, business school,
and graduate programs.

Tulane has slightly fewer than
6,000 undergrads

split evenly between
male and female.

There's just an overall
general friendliness.

I love walking around from
class to class, you know.

I purposely take long routes
to classes so that I can try

and run into more
people that I know.

Students looking to attend
Tulane should have an SAT score

between 1880 and 2140.

Or an ACT between
28 and 32.

Sixty-eight percent of Tulane's
students graduated in the top

ten percent of their
high school class.

All students will pay an annual
tuition of nearly $50,000.

However, over 80% of the student
population at Tulane receives

merit or need-based aid.

With all the variety
here at Tulane,

you'll definitely be able
to find something that

suits your interest.

With five undergrad schools
and over 70 majors,

the possibilities are endless.

Some of those include
business, architecture,

and biomedical engineering.

Let's check it out.

Brett is a senior finance
marketing major here,

and he's going to show us
around his home base,

the A.B. Freeman
School of Business.

So let's,
let's take a look around.

What are students
working on in here?

It mostly just depends
on your subject.

If you're in the finance course,
which I am, you get two cool

really interesting class work.

This one is the Trading Center,
where Tulane actually gives you

one million dollars of its money
to trade in the market,

and also another class you can
take before this one is called

Burkenroad Reports,
which I am currently in,

where you do small financial
analysis for a small company.

Aren't you--
Don't you get nervous?

I mean, you're managing
real money.

Yeah, you're managing
real money,

it's kind of nerve-wracking.

We have made a strong effort to
make sure that students don't

have to come to us,
but we're actively seeking ways

to go out and find students
where they are.

Not only do we have
our career fairs,

but we also have programs such
as Employer For the Day,

where we will invite an employer
to come in on campus,

and they will set up
in the student center,

and they have access to
the students for three

or four hours
during the day.

The Career Services Center
here at Tulane guarantees you

that if you use their services,
you will graduate with two

job opportunities by
the time you graduate,

and having done one
internship opportunity.

Ninety-seven percent of
full-time faculty members

hold their terminal degree.

One of the great things about
the faculty here at Tulane is

that we very much pride
ourselves in having a really

personal relationship between
our students and our faculty.

Our faculty:student to ratio
is only about 8:1.

Professors at Tulane aren't your
stereotypical, like, you know,

"Mmm, I'm Professor Smith."

They're much more laid back.

I myself was a student
here at Tulane,

and that's one of the reasons
that I decided to work here

at Tulane,
was because of

the great atmosphere
that faculty, staff,

and administrators have.

Tulane Green Wave teams play
at the NCAA Division I level,

and the football team plays
here at the Superdome,

which is also home to
the New Orleans Saints.

All of Tulane's freshmen
and sophomores are

required to live on campus.

First year students have a
choice of six residence halls

as well as dorms
for sophomores

and any upper classmen who
choose to stay on campus.

And if you choose to rush,
you can live with your

fraternity brothers
or sorority sisters.

About 30% of the campus
is Greek.

We're here at the SigEp house.

Pretty nice digs.

There are over 300 student-led
clubs and activities,

including a large
student government,

a number of religious
and political organizations,

and clubs for just about any
interest you may have.

My freshman year,
one of the coolest things

that happened on this
campus was the premier

of All The King's Men,
and, like, Jude Law,

and James Gandolfini,
and Sean Penn,

they all came to campus,
and we made McAlister Drive

a red carpet,
and we had the premier

in McAlister Auditorium,
which also hosts, you know,

Colin Powell,
all the big speakers

who came to campus.

Giving back to the community is
something that Tulane students

really believe in.

You'll see Spanish students
teaching ESL to newly arrived

migrant workers,
and architecture students

come down to these
recovering neighborhoods

and help rebuild houses that
were destroyed during

Hurricane Katrina.

If you'd like to discover
your full potential

and help to build a community
along the way,

then Tulane University
is what I say.

So, the Tulane kids told me
that before you leave

the Big Easy,
you have to try a beignet.

They're really good,
they're like a hot donut,

but better.

And they're right here
in the French Market.

So make sure
you visit Tulane.

For YOUniversity TV,
I'm Jessica.

We're outta here.

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