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What's up guys, welcome to Colorado State University, Pueblo home of the T Wolves! I'm Brandie St Paul and I will be your host for the day, so let's get ready. Let's go T Wolves woo. 

 CSU Pueblo is located in Northeast Pueblo less than two hours south of Denver and within a short drive of the [inaudible] Mountains. 

 Of course we have a river with a kayak course and white water, we have bike paths; both mountain bike and road bike paths throughout the area. We have skiing and snowboarding just a couple of hours to the west. 

 Pueblo's campus is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains on two hundred and seventy five acres. Plus CSU Pueblo lies just east of an eighteen hole championship walking stick golf course, Host of the two thousand six U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship. 

 We got like three hundred plus days of sun, so it's gets like sixty-five in January and then it might be twenty the next day but it's always sunny. So here's what people do golf year round in Colorado what people golf year round? Yeah people golf year round. We have waterskiing, we have jet skiing on the reservoir at a world-class resort area. We have obviously the slopes nearby so we have snowboarding and skiing, snow skiing outdoor fishing and hunting. We love just the fishing and hunting no kidding. Colorado Springs a world class city, the Olympic Training Center, it's a recreation Mecca there's a lot of cool things. You like pro sports the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, Avalanche top this. 

 Current enrollment at CSU is nearly five thousand students, fifty-six percent women, forty-four percent men, and nearly forty percent ethnic minorities. The student body is among the most diverse of any Colorado university with students representing all continents, Antarctica and Australia. CSU Pueblo is a school that is growing so you have a good chance of being admitted as long as you have the required eighty-six index; which is a combination of high school GPA and test scores. 

 For certain programs it's more challenging; if you want to be admitted into the Nursing Program that's more competitive because there are limited spaces. 

 A fulltime resident undergraduate student will pay an annual tuition of around four thousand dollars. While for a nonresident undergraduate its closer to fourteen thousand dollars. All students who live on campus will pay roughly one thousand dollars for mandatory fees and six thousand five hundred dollars towards room and board. Most residence receives scholarships, grants and other aid and all non-residents get their tuition discounted. 

 If you already live in the state of Colorado come to CSU Pueblo to earn your four-year reward. If you graduate within four years the school will award you your degree and cut you a check for up to fifteen hundred dollars. 

 CSU Pueblo offers twenty-six bachelor's degrees and six master's degrees. Just a few student favorites are Mass Communications, Business, Nursing, Teacher Education, and Psychology. 

 Our Mass Communications program is very well known, most of the people who work here in southern Colorado in TV and radio and newspaper have come through this program. We have a great Nursing program, very, very good Business school and a good Education program. 

 The Mass Communications Department and Center for New Media is the only program in the state to offer hands on experience with a public television station. 


 The student run radio station and the student newspaper. 

 Everywhere that I looked it was you can't do anything until you are a junior, you can't do anything until you're a senior; and I walked in here this summer required started talked to the station manager and he said he would have me on air in eight weeks. 

 Plus Colorado State University Pueblo is the only school in the nation to offer a degree program in Meccatronics which combines electrical and mechanical engineering all in one. 

 It's amazing to me at such a small school that we have faculty that have had national awards that are really high quality but yet want to be at a smaller school and be focused on the student. 

 CSU Pueblo has more than three hundred and seventy five faculty members; seventy four percent have terminal degrees and fifty four percent are fulltime. The CSU Pueblo Thunderwolves compete in the NCAA double division two Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference in fifteen sports. At CSU Pueblo the Olympic rings are in reach. 

 The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs is less than an hour from campus. As part of the university's accredited athletic training education program; undergrads conduct research with the nation's top athletes train. 

 Plus who knows? You might get the chance to meet an Olympian. 

 All students single first year freshman under the age of twenty one with a home address more than fifty miles from campus are required to live in the Belmont Residence Halls and obtain a campus meal plan. Approximately fifteen percent of the student body resides either here or in a Walking Stick Apartment Complex for upper classman. CSU Pueblo offers more than seventy clubs and organizations including outdoor adventures here at the intramural league and events like video game tournaments, dodge ball, and even checkers. 

 Really the students that are in our exercise science emphasis and one of our faculty members George Downey is an Olympic coach and so we have access to the tournament center and have students. [Inaudible] 

 The Experiential Learning Center hosts canyon and desert orientation course as well as ice and rock climbing adventures throughout the year. Looking for a place that reminds you of the comforts of home, with great academics and bundles of outdoor activities then Colorado State University Pueblo is for you. 

 Well that's it for CSU Thunderwolves in Pueblo Colorado. I'm Ferrari St. Paul and I'll see you out there. 

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