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Hey, guys! Shayna [assumed spelling] here for YouniversityTV. I'm at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, founded by the Sisters of Charity. Saint Vincent has a Roman Catholic tradition, yet accepts, and welcomes students from many different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Come join me on a tour. 

[ Music ] The Mount combines a superb New York City location, with a tranquil setting overlooking the Hudson River. And, just 12 miles away is the beautiful midtown oasis of Manhattan. 

 We have a bus service that brings us straight to the train station, and you're in Manhattan in about 20 minutes. That alone, people; people fight so hard just to get into the city, and you're right here. 

 It's very laid back. You can go to the city and have fun; at the same time, you can hang out in the dorm and do what you want to do. 

 Mount Saint Vincent's 70-acre campus consists of rolling lawns and wooded hills with historic buildings and amazing facilities. CMSV has over 1,700 undergraduate and graduate students from 22 states and five countries. 59 percent of students are of diverse background, and the student to faculty ratio is 13 to one. 

 We're a small, private Catholic school. It doesn't mean that you have to be Catholic to attend the College of Mount Saint Vincent. We have students from all different faiths here. We have students from around the country and from around the world here. We want our students to interact with one another. We want them to learn from one another. Students at the College of Mount Saint Vincent are motivated. They're dedicated to learning. They're ambitious. They have a core set of values that, I think, we can detect compassion for one another, a sense of commitment to each other and to their communities, which is a major part of the educational philosophy of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and just celebrate the fact that each student is a unique individual. 

 Students looking to get into Mount Saint Vincent need at least a GPA score of 84 and a 1030 combined math and critical reading score. If you happen to own a television, the chances are good that you've caught an episode of Law and Order. Not only is the show set in New York City, they also film on location right here at the Mount. So, if you happen to be an extra on the next season, please tell Vincent D'Onofrio that I hear him. For commuter students, tuition runs just over $25,000 year, while resident students will pay close to $36,000 per year. Over 95 percent of all students receive financial aid. Mount Saint Vincent offers 20 majors, four minors, two graduate majors, seven pre-professional programs, and a teacher education program. A few student favorites are nursing, education, business, and communication. If you're already planning to intern, you need to know that the College of Mount Saint Vincent is the place to be. Students have received internships to companies and institutions the likes of Sloan-Kettering Hospital, New York Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, FOX News, Columbia Medical Center, and Donna Karan New York. Mount Saint Vincent employs 73 full-time faculty members and 112 part-time; 78 percent hold their terminal degree. 

 One of the best assets for our college is the faculty. We have a team of dedicated faculty members who have extensive professional experience and strong academic credentials. Our faculty are very committed to guide our students so that they can flourish in their respective fields of study. 

 Mount Saint Vincent plays Division III athletics, with seven men's teams and eight women's teams. All five residence halls, the traditional and the suite style rooms, are new or have been recently renovated. 

 It's fun living in the residence halls. We have a lot of different programs, [inaudible] that go on and the sense of community is really great. But right now, I live in Mastronardi Hall, which is the new residence hall, and there's about 38 to 40 residents on a floor, and it's really fun just being around people. I live on an all-girls floor this year and so, it's like really great. 

 The people you meet are incredible. I've met some of the best people, some of the people that I will know for the rest of my life, and I think that's honestly the best part of Mount Saint Vincent. 

 Put on a good show with the student-run CB and radio station, or join volunteer services or campus ministry. There are plenty of things to do around here. All right, ladies; we're back in five, four, three, two. So, get a taste of what you're about to commit to before you even earn your degree by taking advantage of the internship opportunities at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 

[ Music ] Okay, guys; Saint Vincent's just about done here. I'll catch you at the next school. Thanks for joining me here at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 

[ Music ]

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