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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up?

I'm Nicole Aaron, and this
is YOUniversity TV,

where we put "you"
in "university."

Today we're rockin' out
at University of Wyoming.

UW is the only four year
institution in the state.

We're here at the University
of Wyoming,

which stands for opportunity,
both in education and adventure.

And for prospective students,
that means a great college

experience leading
to an exciting future.

The University of Wyoming is
located in the college town

of Laramie, Wyoming,
which is about 45 minutes west

of the capital city of Cheyenne,
and about two hours

north of Denver.

The University of Wyoming
has a total enrollment

of over 13,000 students,
with 56% women

and 44% men on campus.

Minorities and international
students make up about 10%

of the population.

And students come
from all 50 states.

The University of Wyoming
attracts some

of the top students around.

For example, incoming freshmen
average a 3.5 high school GPA,

and have an average
ACT score of 24.

Fairly open admissions policy
for students in that we want

to encourage as many Wyoming
students and students from

out of state and other
countries to attend

the institution, as well.

Tuition costs at the University
of Wyoming are very affordable

at about $3,300 per year
for in-state students

and just under $10,000 per year
for out-of-state students.

Room and board is an additional
$7,200 per year.

UW has been one of America's
100 Best College Buys

for ten straight years.

Extensive scholarships are
available for both resident

and non-resident students.

There are more than 80 degree
programs in 180 areas of study

at Wyoming, giving students
ample choices to find

an exciting path to the future.

It's a small school
on a big campus.

These kids at this elementary
school help education majors

master their teaching skills.

Class sizes at Wyoming are
comfortable and average 30

students per class,
making sure that you won't

get lost in the crowd.

Given UW's relatively small
class size, students have

incredible opportunities
to partner with faculty

on research projects
and participate

in various internships.

The faculty is really
friendly here.

They really want to get to know
students as people.

You're not a face.

You're not just another
grade in their class.

And I think partially because
we have such small classes,

they get to know each and every
one of their students.

Some of the most popular majors
at the University of Wyoming

are Engineering, Education,
Nursing and Business,

Management, Marketing,
Finance and Accounting,

and Psychology.

UW has some very interesting
programs on campus,

like their agricultural program,
featuring faculty members

who hold seven patents
in genetics,

as well as their
Health Science program,

where students learn
in a simulated hospital ward

and work with unique tools,
like the SIM man,

which is a life-like,
computerized mannequin.

Wyoming professors teach about
90% of the classes offered,

and 85% of them hold a PhD
or the highest degree

attainable in their field.

Students get a great chance to
work alongside their teachers

with the very low student to
faculty ratio of just 15:1.

They--I find the faculty
here to be very helpful,

very helpful to their students.

They're often very willing
to give their time.

And really, that's what
students need is time

and someone who's willing
to listen to them

and consider their points of
view and their needs especially.

I find that the faculty
are flexible,

which I think is very important.

Fifteen Cowboy and Cowgirl
Varsity sports teams compete

at the NCAA Division I level in
the Mountain West Conference.

Did you know that when full,
UW's War Memorial football

stadium becomes the third
largest city in the state?

And the basketball
arena, when filled,

becomes the fifth largest?

You can get a top education
here at University of Wyoming.

We're more than 7,000 feet
high in the sky here

in War Memorial stadium.

UW is the highest NCAA
Division I school.

With six residence halls,
and over 600 apartment units,

there's plenty of opportunity
for students to live on campus

and be close to classes.

At UW, you can expect a dynamic
student life with over 200

student clubs and organizations,
including everything

from a strong Greek
system on campus

to academic and service

Intramural sports alone offers
students nearly 50 diverse

opportunities to get
involved on campus.

Here's an interesting fact.

Outside magazine has named
the University of Wyoming

in their list of the 40 best
college towns and also one

of the top 40 adventure
colleges in the US.

Some famous Wyoming alumni
include Vice President

Dick Cheney and owner of
the Los Angeles Lakers,

Doctor Jerry Buss.

Are you looking for adventure
and a great education

at a school with friendly
students and faculty members?

If so, be sure to check out
the University of Wyoming

when looking for a dynamic
college education.

Thanks for rockin' with us
in Laramie at our tour

or University of Wyoming.

I'm Nicole Aaron, rock on.

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