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Video Transcript

Hello from Mississippi.

I'm Shayna Jean and you guys
are watching YOUniversity TV.

Today we're on the campus
of William Carey University,

home of the Crusaders.

Come join me
on my tour.

This Baptist-affiliated school
has made major strides

and experienced significant
growth and recovery since

the devastation of
Hurricane Katrina.

William Carey is located
in Hattiesburg, Mississippi,

just minutes from a recently
restored downtown.

There's a whole
lot more to do

than there was, oh,
what, 30 years ago.

But we call ourselves
the "Hub City,"

because we're surrounded
by Mobile, that's on one spoke;

New Orleans is on
the other; Jackson;

Baton Rouge is not far;
Birmingham's not far.

WCU sits on one hundred
and twenty acres

of beautiful gardens
and architecture.

For all you historians out
there, be sure to check out

Donnell Hall, which is a state
of the art museum that houses

the center for the life
and work of William Carey,

the man behind
the college name.

William Carey was a British
Baptist minister that spent

over 33 years of his life in
India as Baptist missionary,

who wanted to identify himself
with an international missionary

project, and the Baptist
missionary William Carey

is the center point of
the Protestant missionary

movement in the modern age.

William Carey enrolls
approximately 3,000 students

with international students
from 14 countries

with a female to male ratio of
two females to every one male.

Wondering what it takes to get
accepted into William Carey?

We're looking for
official ACT scores.

We're looking for
a score of a 20.

We need to get an official
high school transcript,

and we're looking to see date
of graduation, class rank,

and see if you have
a 2.0 GPA.

And then our final requirement
is a proof of immunization.

All full-time students can
expect to pay about $7,000

a year for tuition plus added
housing and meal fees

which run roughly between
$13,000 and $14,000,

depending on the dorm
or residence hall assignment.

WCU has 24 majors in
the undergraduate program

and six majors in
the graduate program.

William Carey has an average
class size of just 18 students

and their top majors
include: Education,

Psychology, Business
and Nursing.

Here's what I just
learned from

these William Carey
theatre students.

Their University is the only
one in the entire state

of Mississippi to receive
the Governor's Award

for excellence in
Theatre Arts.

William Carey University
employs 127 faculty members.

Sixty-eight of them have
PhDs or are candidates,

and approximately 20 percent
of professors have tenure.

The student to faculty
ratio is 18 to 1,

making for an intimate
classroom atmosphere.

I think students choose to come
to William Carey because

we have something
a little different to offer.

Here you're more than
just a number,

you're actually a name.

You're gonna get to know your
professors on a personal basis,

you're gonna make friends
instantly, and it's place where

you can really choose to grow
academically and socially.

For all you sports fans,
the William Carey Crusaders

have seven NAIA
Division I teams.

The men's and women's soccer
teams were 2007 GCAC champions

and the women finished
12th overall in the season.

William Carey University
has on-campus housing

for more than 650 students.

In case you weren't aware,
all residence halls had

interior or exterior renovations
in the last ten years and two

state of the art residence
halls were built in 2007.

The dorm life is nice there
of course because you live with

people that you've
never lived with.

It can be difficult sometimes,
but as a whole it's pretty nice.

We have like a family atmosphere
in the dorm that I live in

and people get along
and we have built friendships,

so it's nice.

There's never a dull moment
at William Carey with 31

on campus groups
including honor societies,

national organizations,
and service oriented groups.

The mentoring program,
it's not really a program but it

is something that's available
just through personal choice.

It has made school
not so much school,

it's more made it as a family
environment for me.

You have somebody you can talk
to about the things that you

need but also somebody you
can just go hang out with.

There are weekly activities such
as dances, BSU prayer breakfast,

laser tag and intramural sports.

Many service options
and study abroad programs

are also available.

My favorite place on campus?

The Common Grounds.

I can come, hang out with my
friends, grab a cup of coffee,

study, and enjoy some
live entertainment.

Here you go.

Here's an interesting fact:
I bet you didn't know that WCU

became the first private college
in Mississippi, Alabama,

or Louisiana to voluntarily
accept black students

during the Civil Rights

So if you're in the market for
a small town liberal arts school

in a beautiful southern setting,
keep William Carey University

at the top of your list.

Well thanks for joining us here
in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

on our campus tour of
William Carey University.

I'm Shayna, and I'm out.

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