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Video Transcript

What's up, guys?

I'm Ferrari St. Paul and this
is YOUniversity TV.

Today I'm here at Western
Carolina University,

alongside the Catamount,
the school's mascot.

This is one wild mountain cat!

Let's take a hike
through campus.

Western Carolina University,
a campus in the UNC system,

is located in Cullowhee,
North Carolina,

in a beautiful valley
between the Blue Ridge

and Great Smoky Mountains,
52 miles west of Asheville.

We go up to Deep Creek
in Bryson City

and you can do tubing
all the way down the river.

There's rafting,
mountain climbing...

The 600-acre main campus
is deeply rooted in the history

of the southern

near the home of
the Eastern Band of Cherokee,

and at an elevation
of 2,100 feet,

WCU enjoys the best
of all four seasons.

WCU enrolls about
9,000 students--

fifty-four percent women
and forty-six percent men

coming from all over the US,
Europe, Asia, Africa,

Central, and South America.

In order to be considered
for admission to WCU,

students must have achieved--

At least 1000 on the SAT on
the critical reading and math.

They have to have
the 16 Carnegie units

and they must have had
good grades in those.

We're looking for students
who are willing to be engaged

not only with their professors
in the classroom,

but with the community
as a whole.

Students who are residents
of North Carolina

pay about $10,000 for tuition,
room, and meals at WCU.

Out-of-state students
pay about $20,000.

WCU offers more than 120 areas
of study for undergraduates,

including nursing,
business, engineering,

and a nationally recognized
teacher education program,

as well as more than 30
graduate-level programs.

In my Milton class we always
have a Renaissance banquet.

They also do what
are called "prolusions"

and they wear
my Doctoral gowns.

This class, for example,
is a team-building exercise.

We have a student who's
a two-time cancer survivor

so we decided to do
Relay for Life this year

and we earned
over $1,000--

$300 of which came from
getting to pie me in the face.

WCU is home to the second
forensic research lab

in the country.

Students can work with
nationally recognized

forensic anthropologists
to identify remains

and help solve crimes.

Students can also
take the stage right here

at the Fine and Performing
Arts Center.

Right now they're
setting up for

A Moveable Feast:
An Evening of Dance Works.

WCU's Honors College
is governed by students

and offers a focused living
and learning environment

for high achieving students.

We have enough admission
standard when you're coming

from high school,
but also you can be admitted

to the Honors College later
if you make the grade

or transfer in, you know,
that sort of thing.

So it's a very open college.

I'm co-director of the Honors
College mentoring program

which helps incoming
Honors freshman

acclimate to the college

We match up an upperclassmen
with an incoming freshman

by interest,
sometimes major.

Most of the time
it's activities.

They sort of guide them
around for a little bit

if they want someone to help
them pick their classes

or just someone to go eat with
for the first couple of weeks

until they find their niche.

We really help them
choose the right major,

the one that will achieve
their dreams.

That's really what
we're focused on.

What is it you're trying
to do here at Western,

and where do you want to go?

And then we stress
internship, co-op,

stuff outside
of the classroom

and one of the things that
we really stress here at Western

which sets us apart
is undergraduate research.

With a student to faculty
ratio of 14 to 1,

WCU students enjoy
close interaction

with their instructors.

The 494 full time faculty
includes leaders in the fields

of literature, economics, music,
motion picture production,

and forensics.

I think we get to know
the students.

Within the first week
I know all their names,

I know where they're from,
I know what they like to do

for a hobby...

We try to become a family.

They're just--
they're wonderful people.

WCU's Catamounts compete
in the NCAA Division I level's

Southern Conference.

WCU requires all freshmen
to live on campus

and provides 14 residence halls
including one for grad students

and one for married students.

I lived in Reynolds,
which was the Honors dorm

and it was a really nice dorm,
I mean it was lovely

and it was right on top
of the mountain.

It's a great community,
really close-knit.

It's made my Western experience
that much better.

Meeting students
who share your interests

isn't a problem at Western.

There are countless clubs
and organizations to join,

and if you love the outdoors,
you should stop by

Base Camp Cullowhee.

It's a student-run organization
that offers hiking, rafting,

and even fishing trips.

The newly renovated science
and engineering labs,

nursing school mannequins,
and audio/video production

studios give students
an added edge in learning

and hands-on experience
with advanced,

state-of-the-art equipment.

So if you're looking
for a school that is

rich in its traditions,
strong in academics,

and focused
on the future,

check out Western
Carolina University.

Thanks for joining me here
in mountainous western Carolina

on our hike through Western
Carolina University.

I'm Ferrari St. Paul,

and so long from
the beautiful South.

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