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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up?

I'm Ferrari St. Paul,
and this is YOUniversity TV,

where we put "you"
in "university."

Today we're touring Texas State
University San Marcos,

located right on the edge
of Texas Hill Country.

Texas State's campus is almost
halfway between Austin

and San Antonio,
and is located

in San Marcos, Texas,
where blackland prairies

roll into beautiful hills.

Texas State University enjoys
a setting that is unique among

other universities
in this state.

The city of San Marcos itself
is a really fun town.

We have a square with, uh,
that has a great night scene,

and we have the San Marcos River
that runs right through campus,

it's absolutely beautiful.

You get all the outdoor,
you get mountain biking,

floating down the river.

You'll see, you know,
hundreds of kids out there

just kind of laying out
in the sun.

There's a guy down there,
his name is Frisbee Man Dan,

he's out there throwing Frisbees
like every day, all day.

We have a golf course,
and every kind of sport

you can imagine.

If you love to
shop till you drop,

the largest outlet shopping
complex in Texas is

right here in San Marcos.

I got some serious
shopping to do.

I'll see you later!

Texas State features
a 457 acre main campus,

and nearly 5000 additional acres
in recreational, instructional,

farm, and range land.

The crystal clear
San Marcos River

runs right through campus,
and the cypress, pecan,

and oak trees add to the charm
of the university.

With the river on campus
that's a constant 72 degrees,

students have great access
to recreational activities

throughout the year.

You're in for way more
than a boat ride.

Students can be on the lookout
for several endangered species

while cruising on this
glass bottom boat

on the San Marcos River.

The water is so clear,
it's pure enough to drink.

Texas State University has
more than 28,000 students

who come from
around the globe.

And has a highly
diverse student body,

made up of 30% minority

In fact, Texas State is ranked
among the top 20 universities

in the nation for the number
of degrees they grant to

Hispanic undergraduates.

In order to be considered for
admission into Texas State,

students must meet
requirements based on their

high school class rank,
and SAT or ACT scores.

Our admissions review process
also includes a holistic review.

We want to make sure
students are more than just

but they also have an eye

and an ear out for what's
going on around them.

Tuition for Texas residents is
approximately $14,000 per year

...including fees, books,
and room and board.

Tuition for non-residents
is about $22,000 per year.

At Texas State University
San Marcos,

students are able to choose
from 111 bachelor's,

87 Master's, and eight
doctoral degree programs.

Some of the most popular majors
include Marketing, Management,

Geography, Mass Communication,
and the sciences,

particularly Biology.

My favorite lab that they do
is a lab where half of them

jump into the river
and see how long it takes

for their body temperature to
drop to a not-dangerous level.

If you didn't know already,
Texas State's Master of Applied

Geography degree program
was the first in the nation.

Their Sound Recording Technology
program is the only one

of its kind in the southwestern
United States.

And the Communication Design
program is recognized

among the best in the nation.

Texas State has received
national recognition

for its approachable faculty.

The faculty is not
only accessible,

but they're also award-winning.

Sixteen faculty members
have been honored as

Piper Professors,
an award given in Texas

for superior teaching
at the college level.

So there's a lot of personal
one-on-one interactions

between professors and students.

They're all so willing to
help out any student who

needs help whether it's in class
or just to talk about, you know,

post-graduation plans.

Sixteen Bobcat
athletic teams compete

at the NCAA division I level
in the southland conference.

And if you look closely,
you might catch a glimpse

of Boko the Bobcat,
who was the 2006 USA

national champion mascot.

The Bobcat football team which
competes in the football

championship subdivision
won their conference in 2005,

and made it as far as
the NCAA division I semifinal.

Texas State offers 21
on-campus residence halls,

with locations spread
across the campus

and a variety of hall styles
to choose from.

Just so you know,
the university housing policy

requires all students under 21
with fewer than 52 credit hours

to live in an on-campus
residence hall.

I had so many adventures
in the dorms, and had a,

had a great time,
met so many people.

So that was
an incredible experience.

Want to get involved
on campus?

If so, Texas State has more than
260 student organizations,

such as Greek life,
multicultural clubs,

and sports clubs.

Anything you can think
of we probably have it,

and the great thing is
if we don't have that

particular organization for you,
um, as a student,

you can come here
and organize it yourself.

Check it out,
I'm catching a wave

in the quad!

The Texas State Water Ski Team
jumps and slaloms their way

to success.

They've even been named
national champion.

They're just one of more than
200 clubs and organizations

on campus.


That's awesome.

I bet you didn't know that
Texas State's famous alumni

include former US President
Lyndon Baines Johnson,

Emmy Award winning
actor Powers Booth,

and Grammy Award
winning music artist

and member of
the Country Music Hall of Fame,

George Strait.

So if you'd love to follow
in the footsteps of greatness

at a scenic university
in the heart of Texas,

be sure to put Texas State
University San Marcos

on the top of your list.

Thanks for joining us here
on our tour of Texas State

University San Marcos.

I'm Ferrari St. Paul,
and I will see you later.

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