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Howdy I'm Ferrari St Paul and this is YOUniversity TV where we put you in university. Today we're at Texas A&M University at Galveston, a four year school on an islet. Let's get a look at life as a Sea Aggie. 

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 Texas A&M Galveston on Pelican Island next to the port of Galveston, Texas and situation right on the gulf of Mexico. Galveston offers plenty of water activities and beaches plus all those sites and sounds which you'd expect to find in a seaside community. 

 Our, our campus is on an island, off an island, off the coast so we are surrounded by water. We have our own moat. Students actually go out to the, the main beach Galveston island and spend time study there and sometimes do more than study. 

 Texas A&M Galveston features three campuses including its main 135 acre Mitchell campus on Pelican Island which sits directly on Galveston Bank. The main campus features the Texas Maritime Academy, which prepare students for careers in merchant marines or the Navy. 

 Galveston I, I believe is a, has a well kept little secret of night life. 

 You get to enjoy things like Mardi Gras and diggings [inaudible] on the strand and just strand itself and during tour season it's a lot of fun, especially if you, if you have a job on the highland you just have fun with all the tourists who come down here hoping to have a good time. 

 We talk about laboratories. Our best laboratory is outside you know and we want to study wetlands and we want to study marshlands and whatever it might be you go outdoors. We don't have access to that if you're located somewhere in land. We're right here on the core, we have Houston just sitting to our north. 

 TAMU enrolls over 1600 students from 49 different states and the District of Columbia. In case you're wondering the school's population has roughly tripled over the last 20 years. The student body is about 57% men and 43% women. 

 We have a much more cosmopolitan student body than most places. The reason for that is the special interest that people have in the ocean, so if a kid is from Illinois and, and is interested in the ocean they go due south and they get to us. 

 Texas residents who graduated in the top 10% of their class are automatically admitted. Students graduating in a top 25% of their class can gain automatic admission if they score combine 1300 on the SAT in math and English or composite 30 on the ACT with at least 27 in math and English. Tuition and fees for Texas residents during the fall and spring semesters runs about $11500 per year including room and board. Out of state students pay approximately $20000. You can't miss the USTS Texas clipper. Texas A&M is home to the Texas Maritime Academy. Students from the [inaudible] take classes and even cruises to places like Northern Europe and the Caribbean. They learn how to become a ship captains and chief engineers. Texas A&M Galveston offers 11 different majors in marine and maritime studies and the most popular majors include maritime administration, marine biology, and maritime transportation. Texas A&M Galveston has a reputation for their excellence in business, oceanographic and physical sciences, biological sciences, engineering and transportation and liberal arts programs. 

 And that's what a lot of these employers are realizing is that we're getting a lot of the knowledge that they're going to train us on once we get out, you don't leave feeling I'm prepared or scared that you don't know what's next, so. 

 An amazing 100% of Texas A&M Galveston professors have a PhD and over 90% of faculty members have doctorates or terminal degrees. 

 As a freshman and sophomore you can be in a classroom with a world renowned scientist in their field. 

 So it's not like you have to fight hard for your professor to remember your name, it's real personal in that you can have that relationship with your professor and, and get to know him and when you graduate may be go out and do research with him. 

 Students interested in water sports can compete in several sailing and rowing teams or compete in intramural or club sports. 

 Touch back guys. [inaudible] One, two, three A... [inaudible] Aggies A. 

 If you're looking to stay close to classes, the Mitchell campus offers housing for more than 600 students in three residence halls. 

 I wouldn't have got to know half of the people I met if it wasn't been in the dorms, I mean you're right there one on one with them, I mean you live next door to your friends, you get to know people on your hall. Some of the friends I've met freshman year are some of my closest friends that I have right now and I'm sure will be my closest friends 20 to 30 years from now. 

 There is no shortage of things to do outside of class either. In addition to great outdoor activities, Texas A&M Galveston students can take part in everything from classic Aggie traditions to 27 active student organizations and 13 professional organizations. 

 If you're in the Texas Maritime Academy, by the time you're a senior, you're sailing a ship and this simulator lab, students put their seamenship to the test. Lets hope for some smooth sailing. 

 When we come here to the ship, we actually get to apply what we learned in the classroom as well on our summer cruises. 

 If you're looking for a great education with an emphasis on a marine lifestyle, be sure to get your sea legs at Texas A&M University Galveston. 

 Thanks for joining us on our tour of Texas A&M University at Galveston. I'm Ferrari St Paul, anchors away. 

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