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Hey guys you're watching Youniversity TV. I'm Sheana Jeanne and say we're here at Macon State College, which is the four-year public, non-residential metropolitan college that serves the heart of Georgia. Come join us on our campus tour. 

 Macon State is located in Macon Georgia and features 3 campuses which serve a 7-county area in Central Georgia. 

 Macon is a great town. We are 90-minute from Downtown Atlanta, 3 hours from Savannah, but we don't the traffic congestion. But yet Macon is large enough to offer a variety of entertainment options, restaurants even cultural activities. 

 Macon State College's 168-acre beautiful main campus is surrounded by botanical gardens and features a centralized lake. 

 MSC students can enjoy nature all year round. This beautiful lake serves as a backdrop for outdoor activities, picnics, studying. You can even do some geese watching. 

 Macon State's enrolment is approaching 7,000 students and the student body is about 32 percent male to 68 percent female. Macon State is also a diverse school as minority students make up about 45 percent of the population. 

 Classes in Macon State are relatively small. I think the largest class is actually my anatomy and physiology class, which seats about 40 people. But all your normal classes are relatively 20 people, which is very nice because you have that one on one time with the teacher and you are not as afraid to answer questions in the class or become more involved in the class. 

 Students seeking admission to Macon State need at least a 2.0 GPA, and students who graduated from a technical high school need a minimum 2.2. Although taking the ACT or SAT is not required, incoming freshmen are encouraged to do so for scholarship consideration. 

 We have students here from all ages, more pairings of students, father, son, mother, daughter, siblings than I can recount to you. And I think again that's part of the function of our being here in the community and serving students from all parts of middle Georgia and from all generations. 

 Student fees in Macon State College are among the most affordable in the university system of Georgia. In fact with the current fee structure and since tuition is locked-in at the same rate for freshmen, students can earn a four-year bachelor's degree for less than 10,000 dollars. 

 Mostly the price of the school we take when we came here is a little affordable. And like I said it's closer to home so I don't have to go that far to come to school. 

 Macon State offers a variety of majors and their growing number of bachelor's degree programs, and students can also chose from a host of associate degrees. Some of the most popular majors that Macon State include Business, Information Technology, Education, Nursing, as well as other health sciences. 

 And the draw-out here was that was a brand new Dual Certification Program. And what Dual Certification means is for both general and special education certified and that's rare in the country. And so it's exciting to be able to come somewhere where there were no existing faculties to do something new and to start from scratch. So we had a lot of liberty to take some creative freedom with what we wanted to build. 

 Macon State College is raising the bar for schools in the state by offering cutting edge programs like their Information Technology Program, which offers everything from software development to leadership and management. Or things like the new media and cross-cultural majors which use electronic communications and information technology to keep students ahead of the curve. 

 I'm doing a clinical data at the Medical Center right now in the surgical and neuro ICU. They offer a lot of real-life situation that will get you prepared for your degree. 

 Macon State College has over 200 full-time faculty members, and the majority has a PhD or the highest degree in their field. A low 20 to 1 students-faculty ratio allows educators to work closely with students to help them select courses and establish educational and professional career goals. 

 Teachers are very nice. They're very easy to get along with. They have open-door policies, so they are ready and willing to help you at anytime. 

 I just think that, you know, we try to help people improve their lives, get the education that they need to, you know, become better citizens. 

 Even though Macon State is a non-residential college, a variety of housing choices are available to students and some are even within walking distance. Students also have access to cultural activity, like plays, concerts and lectures, plus student clubs and organizations like intramural sports or student media and publications. 

 They have a lot of interesting things here. They have the Perry Fair which is the national fair of Georgia. It's actually one of the biggest ones in the nation. And we have all different kind of foods which are mostly fried, but that's Georgia for you. It's really interesting. It's all of Georgia culture wrapped in one night. 

 Macon State College celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2008 and continues to move ahead strongly in both its enrolment and growing of the campus. The college is currently developing a 22 million-dollar professional sciences building on the main campus and a new 5 million-dollar academic building on the Warner Robins campus. If you're looking for a good-sized college in the heart of Georgia that offers a high quality education to meet the needs of the new century, be sure to check out Macon State College today. 

 Well that's it for us here today at Macon State College in Georgia. I'm Sheana Jeanne and this Youniversity TV. We'll see you real soon. 

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