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Hello from Creighton University, home of the Blue Jays. I'm Nicole Erin and Creighton is ranked one of the top comprehensive mid-Western universities. Let's take a tour. 

 Creighton is a private four-year Jesuit Catholic university but welcomes people of all faiths and in fact, over forty different religions are represented on campus. 

 Creighton University is located in Omaha, Nebraska; it has a major metropolitan feel without the headaches of traffic. Near a quaint old market, students can come here to have a fun night out on the town. 

 Creighton University has a modern urban campus in a garden like setting on one hundred and twenty acres designed to deliver a cutting edge learning and living environment. 

 Seven thousand students call Creighton University home and about four thousand of them are undergraduates. 

 So, where are you from? 

 I'm from Hawaii. 

 That's very interesting because I heard Creighton is the Maui of the mid-west and I heard that you hold an annual Luau. 

 Yes that's right it encompasses about four hundred people, we sell about four hundred tickets. We want to include both the Omaha community and the Creighton community so both are invited and welcome to come. Some of the things that we do there are we show everyone the hula, which is the dance back home. 

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 Freshman acceptance is competitive as Creighton seeks students with at least a B+ high school average and a twenty-three on the ACT. The average freshmen test scores range from twenty-four to thirty on the ACT and eleven hundred to thirteen hundred on the SAT. 

 We're relatively selective, our academic profile would place use looking at ACT, SAT scores, class rank and GPA places us among the top ten Catholic institutions in the United States. 

 Tuition costs are the same for both in State and out of State students at around $35,000 per year including room and board. Students have over fifty majors to choose from at Creighton University and some of the most popular include Psychology, Marketing, Finance, Biology, Journalism, Accounting, and English. 

 We also have something called the Dean's Honor Roll for Social Responsibility in the College of Business. As far as I know it's the only service Honor Roll of its kind in the nation, students do twenty-four hours of community service in a semester and then they participate in a synthesis session and that's a kind of reflection time in order to think about why they are doing service and how it makes them a better business leader. 

 I'll bet you didn't know that Creighton places more than 50% of their students successfully in graduate or professional school, which is one of the top rates in the country. 

 Creighton students have that genuine enthusiasm, they're really interested in the world around them and so when we as the faculty can tap into that we have really a great dynamic happening and so the students should get all the credit for that. 

 With seven hundred faculty members no teaching assistants and a low student to faculty ratio of just twelve to one students have a great chance to work side by side with professors as they gain valuable knowledge and experience in their field. 

 Students here have a fun tradition they do before a soccer game and I'm going to talk to Steve to find out more about it. So tell me about this tradition Steve. 

 Well before each and every soccer game every student and fans the same will reach up and rub Billy's nose. 

 Nice let's just go do it. 

 The Creighton Blue Jays compete at the Division I level in the Missouri Valley Conference. The Jays men's basketball team has made the NCAA basketball tournament seven of the last nine years. Students choosing to live on campus have nine residents halls available with great access to classes. 

 The residents life here is definitely fun like all the freshmen live together in a community which are fairly close together and it helps build strong relationships. 

 If you think that there's nothing happening on campus, think again. Creighton has over one hundred and eighty different student organizations from service clubs to Greek life and they even have an ice cream club, yum. 

 Every Wednesday after classes students come out here to get some great food and listen to great music. They also come out here to do some arts and crafts like? 

 Stress balls for mid-terms week. 

 It's a great way to meet people and have fun at the same time. 

 Omaha is also known for its underground music scene; it's the home of the alternative rock group Three-Eleven and is ranked in the top twenty of most rock and roll towns by Blender Magazine. Creighton continues to invest in its campus putting more than two hundred million dollars into major buildings including a fifty million dollar student center, junior-senior townhome resident's halls and a twelve million dollar sports complex and arena. 

 Inside Creighton Hall this golden elevator is exclusively for the Jesuits; the story goes that no student has actually been inside of it. They often speculate as to what is going on in the top floor, they think it could be anything from a bowling alley to a dance club. 

 Students also have unprecedented access to internships with some of the country's hottest companies like Nike, Microsoft, and XM just to name a few. If you're looking to start your college career in a school with strong academic programs and terrific post graduate advancement all in a vibrant metro area with a great arts and entertainment scene you may want to give Creighton University a strong look. 

 Thanks for joining us here in Omaha Nebraska and our tour of Creighton University; I'm Nicole Erin, good-bye for now. 

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