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Today, we're coming to you from Drexel University home of the Dragons. Drexel is a technology forward university that was the first school in the country to implement a fully wireless campus and has been offering on-line education since 1996 when most people were still trying to figure out the internet. 

 Drexel University was founded in 1891 by Anthony J. Drexel to provide educational opportunities and practical arts and sciences for men and women of all backgrounds. For nearly a century Drexel has been a national leader in cooperative education where students alternate classroom studying with six month periods of full time paid professional employment in their field. Drexel University is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and is the leading technological school in the city. 

 Say as soon as you get here you should definitely get a Philly cheese steak, grab a winter ice, or go down to South Street and get a cheese steak there as well too. There's Red House Square inside of Center City where there's a lot of different Art Gallery events there. There's also the Art Museums of Philadelphia and the best thing about the city of Philadelphia it's kind of like an extended classroom for us as Drexel students. Your first year here at Drexel you're given a cultural passport so you can go through all the museums in Philadelphia at least one time for free or under $10 so it's a great opportunity to take advantage of everything and it's located right next to our campus. 

 It's bustling urban campus gives students terrific access to major corporations and downtown life providing opportunities for internships and jobs while still maintaining a traditional college feel. Drexel's University City Campus sits on sixty-five acres about a ten-minute walk from downtown Philadelphia. Drexel is a vibrant home of nearly twenty-one thousand students about thirteen thousand of whom are undergrads. The student body is 57% male and students come from forty States and fifty-three foreign countries, 5% of undergrads, and 19% of graduate students are international students and minorities make up about 35% of the population. 

 Drexel gets some of the best students and the incoming freshmen class reflects that as 86% graduated in the top half of their class, 59% graduated in the top 25% of their class and the average SAT scores range between 1080 and 1290. 

 Probably, one of the things that I work in which is a big draw for students across the country is our accelerated degree programs, one of the most popular being our seven-year BSMD programs. Students apply as a high school senior to actually be considered for medical school. We actually have fourteen different accelerated degree programs like that where students apply as high school seniors. This allows them to complete their bachelors degree and graduate degree in a shorten period of time. We also have things like a BS PhD in Engineering and BFMS in Engineering, a BSMBA and a BSJD with our law school. 

 Tuition, not including housing for a four-year student runs about $33,000 per year and about $27,000 per year for five-year students. If you're looking for a variety of programs Drexel has them, over a hundred and sixty to be exact including seventy full time undergrad programs, seventy-seven masters programs, and twenty-one doctoral programs. The average class size at Drexel University is a low twenty-five and 79% of classes have twenty-nine students or less. 

 I just went through a class where we only had about twelve or thirteen students and in graphic design, it's fantastic because you really get a lot of one on one time with the teachers and you know this teacher was actually one of the better ones he would get back to us with an email at midnight. It's really great there are a lot of teachers who will work, they work on your schedule as well I mean we're up all hours of the night and it's great a lot of the teachers are as well and it really helps learning. 

 In case you didn't know, the most popular majors include business, information science, nursing, computer science and engineering. This is the Water Boy generations of Drexel students by tradition believe that they'll get good grades by rubbing this toe, that's a shiny toe. 

 Drexel University is also a leader in Health Science education and Research, the Drexel University College of Medicine is the nation's largest private medical school. 

 One thing I love about Drexel is how technologically advanced it is you know they definitely go out there to get the newest equipment, the newest technology and they try and incorporate it into the classes into the way that they teach. They teach it in such a way that you're applying what you learn and I really prefer that over just studying out of a textbook and just knowing the content; I know also how to apply it. 

 Drexel has more than one thousand distinguished faculty members, 95% with a PhD or the highest degree in their field and with a tiny student to faculty ratio of ten to one, you're sure to get individualized attention and hands-on learning. Dragon athletic teams compete at the Division I level in the Colonial Athletic Association 

 The Drexel Mascot his changed a couple of times over the years, first they started as the Drexel Light, then they were the Engineers and now they're the Drexel Dragons. This guy is Mario the Magnificent and he was named after a Drexel alumni who attended all of the basketball games. 

 Students looking to live on campus have seven residents halls offering comfortable suite style and double occupancy rooms. As a college student, every day chores and tasks can be overwhelming and time consuming but at a technological advantage at the Drexel laundry is you can get notification on your cell phone or your email to know when your laundry is ready. 

 And it looks like mine is. 

 Drexel students have the opportunity to get more out of their college experience with over a hundred and sixty organizations to choose from on campus including cultural, media, social, service, and professional organizations. In addition to being a leader in innovative technology, based education on campus Drexel University is excelling in cyberspace as well. In fact, Drexel's on-line education programs are ranked by U.S. news and world report among the best nationally in the fields of business, education, engineering, and library science, so if you're looking for a technologically advanced education at a state of the art university with top notch facilities Drexel may be the perfect place for you. 

 All right Youniversity TV watchers thanks so much for joining us on our campus tour of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oh my gosh, Mario do you want to say good-bye, oh see you soon. 

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