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Hey what's up guys, you're watching Youniversity TV. 

 We're at Hawaii Pacific University I'm Shanna 

 And I'm Nicole and we're with the award-winning mascot Sharky. 

 Are you guys ready to sink our teeth into this school? Let's go. 

 Hawaii Pacific University is in the fast-paced exciting urban environment of downtown Honolulu on the beautiful island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands chain. 

 The weather is always between seventy and eighty degrees, when it rains you see waterfalls. The air isn't just clean it's scented, there are flowers and everything is so close whether the ocean, the mountains. 

 If I'm up there playing in the mountains and I go diving and fishing down at the beachhead. 

 We have barbecues, the weather is great. 

 A lot of recreation opportunities for students during their free time. 

 hpu has three distinct sites that operate as one, each has its own special features and links to the others by a free shuttle. 
the main campus is located in downtown honolulu, then 8 miles down the road is the 135-acre windward hawai‘i loa campus, which is set in the lush foothills of the ko‘olau mountains, and the 3rd site, oceanic institute a major research facility that is affiliated with hpu. the oceanic institute is located on a 56-acre site at makapu‘u point.

 This is our winter campus the environment here is pretty laid back, there's a lot of sun it's quiet and breezy. The downtown campus there's a lot more people. 

 HPU is noted for it's for its diverse student body and more than eight thousand students. Representing all fifty states and more than one hundred countries. Sixty percent are woman and forty percent men. 

 What I like most about Hawaii Pacific University are the students; the typical freshman doesn't come to Hawaii Pacific University they're risk takers, they're adventurers. So they all come here whether from Asia or Europe or Africa or North America, South America, all over the globe. 

 Intercultural day is an annual tradition in its twenty fourth year it takes place at HPU downtown campus. 

 Students experience the world in one day through live music, cultural exhibits, and ethnic performances. 

 Basically, we decorate a booth, there's a booth contest so that we can show off all our cultures and to let people know where we come from, teach them a little bit of our culture, and maybe let them learn a few things. 

 Incoming students hoping to attend Hawaii Pacific are expected to have a minimum GPA of two point five and must submit their SAT or ACT scores. 

 We're not just about numbers, there's not a set GPA that will get you in or get you out; or a set SAT score that will get you in or out. We try to look at the student as an individual; every file is read by an admissions counselor. 

 All student tuition is about fourteen thousand dollars per year for most majors. Additional costs to live on campus or off campus are comparable. So students can estimate a room and board cost of eleven thousand dollars. 

 HPU offers more than fifty concentrations for undergraduate degrees and twelve graduate degree programs. The school's largest academic programs are in Nursing and Business Administration. 

 HPU technologically outfitted for the twenty first century there's courses available online and open computer labs. 

 The faculty remains involved in their professional fields which benefits the students by giving them the real life experience. Being smack dab in the middle of downtown Honolulu, we're near major hospitals, close to the state capital, major businesses and we have many faculty involved in all those settings. 

 HPU has more than five hundred fulltime professors and provides an outstanding academic teaching environment. Many of them are renowned leaders in their particular discipline and a majority holds the highest degree in their field. 

 Class sizes here at HPU are very small, there are twenty five students maximum and the student teacher ratio is about eighteen to one. 

 Each teacher gives you individual attention that you need and you learn a lot from them. Because they are qualified, they've been through it all and they know of our research and they know about all the best schools to go to and they can write you recommendation letters. 

 The Hawaii Pacific Sea Warriors compete in the Pacific West Conference as part of the NCAA's division two. Men's basketball and HPU's woman's softball and volley ball have won multiple national championships. 

 The Hawaii Pacific Cheerleaders have held the national NCAA title for the past six years in a row. 

 So, you know how HPU is ideally located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean right? 

 What that means to you guys is that have particularly strong areas in Marine Biology, Oceanography and International Studies programs available. 

 Don't forget Travel Industry Management. 

 That's right 

 Our location and the opportunities is because of our location are a big draw particularly in the sciences and we have a Catamaran boat that we have on Kailua Kona Bay that we use in our art classes and for our research. 

 We basically, like with my Oceanography class we take the depth readings and we take temperature readings. With my Marine Biology class, we take samples of the ocean water and test to see what is inside. 

 There is limited on campus housing available and the two hundred and four dorm rooms are mainly for freshman. 

 HPU students have their choice of more than seventy student clubs. You can participate in Army or Air Force, ROTC, write for the student newspaper or even join HP's band, orchestra or choir programs. 

 The activities that I'm involved in at school is the Spirit Club. 

 Also Cheer and Dance Team 

 And I'm an Honor Society. 

 I'm also in the Invisible Children of Hawaii Club. 

 So, if you are looking for the feel of a small school with resources of a large university in a tropical paradise setting then check out Hawaii Pacific University. 

 Thanks for joining us here on our tour of Hawaii Pacific University. 

 On the beautiful island of Oahu see you guys on the main land. Mahalo. 

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