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Hey, what's up, guys? Today we are at Butler University. I'm Shayna [assumed spelling] here with the mascot himself; Blue, the bulldog. Why don't you join us on our campus tour? Butler University is in Indianapolis, Indiana, just five miles from downtown. The Hoosier capital is the thirteenth largest city in the United States. 

 One of my favorite parts about Indianapolis is the Broad Ripple area. It's located just north of our campus, only a few minutes away, and it offers a great nightlife as well as restaurants and shops. It really becomes a student hangout for Butler students. 

 Butler's 290-acre campus is made up of wooded parks, gardens, fountains, and historic Indiana limestone buildings. The Irwin Library was built by Minoru Yamasaki. He is the architect who also constructed the original World Trade Center in New York City. BU has nearly 4,000 undergrads from 47 states and 69 countries. 57 percent come from within Indiana, while 43 percent come from out of state or foreign countries. 10 percent are multicultural or international students. 

 One thing I like most about it is its size. The professors get a chance to work one on one with students, and the students get a chance to work one on one with the professors. 

 The middle 50 percent of students admitted to Butler University have a GPA of 3.4 to 3.9, and SAT ranging between 1600 and 1870 or an ACT of 24 to 29. 49 percent of past Butler students were in the top ten percent of their graduating class. 

 The biggest thing I always tell high school seniors that, you know, looking at Butler is don't be afraid to brag about themselves, especially in the admission process. Tell us anything and everything that they can think of. Be specific; if you're going to include some community service on your resume, then tell us about it. 

 Tuition will run BU students about $27,500 a year. Room and board is an additional $9,000, and extra fees will cost about $800 extra. Over 85 percent of Butler students receive some type of financial aid. Butler offers over 60 majors and pre-professional programs for students interested in pursuing professional or graduate school. Biology, business, exploratory studies, and pharmacy are just a few of the available majors and some of student's favorites. 

 I think one thing that is definitely unique about our campus is some of the areas of academic interest we have, one being our pharmacy program. It's a six year, auto-advance program. It's different from a lot of schools in the fact that there's not; a lot of schools that offer a PharmD degree as well as there's not very many schools that offer an auto-advance program. 

 You may have no concerns as an incoming freshman about job placement, but four years down the line, it's a high priority. So, it may make you happy to know that Butler's job placement rate is, on average, 96 percent within six months of graduation. 

 In the College of Business we give each student what we call a career mentor to kind of guide them through the whole four years and they help them begin to build their resume, so that by the time they get to be a junior or senior, they've got a list of activities and experiences that are helping them decide which way they want to go with their life. 

 For pharmacy, physician assistant, education, and engineering graduates, the rate is 100 percent; amazing! Avid stargazer? If so, you're in luck because Butler University houses the state's largest telescope at the school's observatory. Butler employs 302 full-time faculty members; 82 percent have their terminal degree and 77 percent are tenured or on the tenure track. 

 I'd say the classes here at Butler are definitely rigorous, very intense. One of the nice things about our campus is we have a really good working relationship with our professors. If you're having troubles within your classes, the professors are always willing to meet with you. If your schedule doesn't work with their office hours, you can e-mail them and meet after class, before class; anything like that, they're really willing to work with you. 

 Hey, sports fans; Tony Hinkle's [assumed spelling] not only a former Bulldogs coach, he's also the one who came up with the idea to create an orange basketball. The original version was said to be tan or yellow, but the NCAA adopted his version in 1960. The Butler Bulldogs compete in the NCAA Division I Horizon League. 

 Butler school spirit is something that we really pride ourselves on. Our basketball team is known around the country, and one of the cool things about being a Butler [inaudible] student is you get in to all of our athletics for free. We don't pay any extra. So, the dog pound, which is our student cheer section, is one of the largest organizations here on campus and students really get into being members of the dog pound and really cheering on our team. 

 Recognize this? The movie Hoosiers was filmed right here at Butler University. Hinkle Fieldhouse hosted the historic final championship game between Milan and Muncie high schools to win the state title back in 1954. Butler students live on campus at least through their junior year, and have their pick of two traditional residences, one suite, or two apartment style halls. In addition, Greek living is an option for those who choose to join a house. 

 Dorm life here on campus is great. I really enjoyed it. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and there's always great programming involved with residence life as well. 

 Butler offers more than 115 student organizations with activities ranging from religious and service to athletics and politics. Get involved with student government, join the Voices of Deliverance gospel choir, or dabble in any of the Greek organizations on campus. At Butler, you've got options. 

 We have an event called block party where all of the [inaudible] organizations come out to the mall and have a booth set up where they have information about the organizations. You can sign up and so, that's a really easy way for freshmen to find out right away what the different organizations are on campus they can get involved in. Star Fountain, which is located directly behind me, is something that all students really get to know, kind of becoming initiated as a student at Butler University involves jumping in the fountain at one point in time. So throughout the year, students will always be splashing around in the fountain. It's actually a lot deeper than it looks, and it's really fun. 

 So, if you're looking to score, then you'll need a university that makes a commitment to lifelong learning and community service. Go ahead; check out Butler University even further. Well, that's about all the time we have for today. As you can see, Blue is pretty tired out, so we're going to let him go. Thanks so much for joining us here at Butler University. I'm Shayna for YouniversityTV. See you next time. 

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