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Hey, I'm Levonne. 

 And I'm Chloe for YouniversityTV. 

 We're at Curry College, home of the Colonels. 

 Let's get moving. 

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 Curry College is located in Milton, Massachusetts only seven miles from downtown Boston and less than two miles from skiing, hiking, and horseback riding in New England's scenic Blue Hills. 

 Milton is a really nice town, it's beautiful, it's a great area, the people are really friendly throughout the whole town and its right outside of Boston. There's a shuttle that takes you in every weekend. 

 Curry's proximity to Boston is one of the great advantages that we have, we allow our students to access internships as some of the major corporations around the world. We've had students get internships with the Boston Celtics and go into Sports Management immediately afterwards. 

 Curry has one of the most attractive campuses in all of New England. 

 You'll think you're in a beautiful retreat in the woods when you walk around these hundred and thirty-five acres. 

 Curry students come from forty states and twenty-three countries, we have about two thousand fulltime undergraduate students who are enrolled here, and we have about sixteen hundred and fifty continuing education students and four hundred and fifty graduate students. Our male to female ratio for new students who enroll is about fifty-fifty. 

 Curry students are encouraged to take risks and achieve a new level of excellence. Founder Samuel Silas Curry once said Dare to dream but be not an ideal dreamer. 

 The most important part of the application is the high school transcript. We're looking for a student with a solid GPA. The average SAT is anywhere between nine-fifty and eleven hundred. The ACT is between twenty and twenty-two and we're typically looking for a student who is somewhere between a 2.7 and a 3.3 GPA, somewhere in the B range. However, that's just one piece, we believe that the test scores, the essay, the letters of recommendation and extra-curricular activities are all additional credentials that help the Admission Committee make an informed decision about who will be motivated and succeed in the classroom here at Curry. 

 Tuition at Curry runs just shy of $27,000 plus around $11,000 for room and board and additional fees just below $1,000. 

 You can select from one of twenty majors or more than sixty-five minors in concentrations or develop your own major with Curry's individually initiated major option. The five largest majors at Curry are communication, criminal justice and education, management and nursing. 

 Career wise I would like to become a nurse-midwife I'm a health major now so I'm planning on getting into the accelerated nursing program and Curry's definitely helped me out they do have a lot of professionals here that have worked in whatever field that they're teaching in for you know years. 

 Do you remember working in the TV, film or radio industry? 

 Curry's got a pretty cool communication program. 

 That's right its home to the award winning radio station WMLN FM 91.5. 

 And it's one of the first colleges in the country that HDTV training. 

 Students who know their way around the state of the arts studio get the opportunity to intern with the companies around the country, MTV and ESPN to local TV and radio and major Hollywood film studios. 

 85% of first year students reside on campus. The student faculty ratio is twelve to one and the average class size is twenty. 

 Faculty really get to know the students on a individual basis, you can kind of tailor your four year program based on your personality, we can kind of look at the classes that you need for the career that you want and what that means in the end result is that you're going to probably get your dream job because we're watching over you for four years. 

 Curry Colleges thirteen athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division III. 

 The Colonels are a seven time New England Football accomplished Champion. 

 In a five time NCAA tournament participants, oh. 

 There are eighteen residence buildings on campus, ten halls and eight residence houses. Upper classmen typically live in apartment or suite style accommodations. 

 You'll find a very upbeat community and plenty of things to do at Curry College. 

 I did a Whipple ball tournament and they actually Curry allowed us to go to Fenway Park and play in Fenway Park and that was really fun and we got to meet a lot of kids doing that. 

 The Currier Times is a dynamic student newspaper that makes for quite the read; I have an idea for a column. 

 Or make a new for yourself in theatre, campus radio or television. 

 Curry is great with extra curriculars and just getting kids ready for the outside world. The great thing about the radio station being as it's completely student run so myself being the programming director we're able to work directly with the students assign them to different jobs and it really does just help us get our feet wet. 

 Do you know where the school's name comes from? Curry College was founded by Anna Bright Curry and her husband Samuel Silas Curry, a man who had quite an interesting A list of influential people. In fact his close friend was the world famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who served as the schools Chancellor from the early 1900's until his death in 1922. According to one of Curry's daughters, Curry was present when in 1876 Bell made his first telephone call requesting help from Mr. Watson. 

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PAL is actually the country's first program for students with learning disabilities. We were founded in 1970 and it's a great place for students who are bright but who have had a learning disability diagnosis in the past for Attention Deficit Disorder but we work on a strength based approach to helping students understand the nature of how they learn, so we sit down and really develop the strategy for how they can be successful; if they want to go on and be a nurse or go on to graduate school to help them understand what kind of strategies they need to help them achieve that success. 

 Need some help in recognizing your potential and realizing your dreams then sign up for a tour of Curry College a must on your A list. 

 Our tour ends here but if you want more information, you can come visit Curry College. I'm Chloe. 

 And I'm Lavonne for YouniversityTV. The Colonel, they are purple right? That's what I thought, catch you next time. 


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