eduLaunchpad and YOUniversityTV form partnership

In a just signed agreement, and have joined forces to give college-bound students the best possible information for making decisions.
Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB) March 22, 2011

You are a soon to be graduating high-school student living in Wisconsin. But you are tired of the snow and cold so all the colleges you are interested in are in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. So what is an aspiring college student to do? Are you going to head to the airport and spend half your college savings on jet fuel? Not likely, and you wouldn't get the “Friend of the Environment” award this year either. Today, the internet provides you with unprecedented exposure to colleges thousands of miles away.

In a just signed agreement, and have joined forces to give college-bound students the best possible information for making decisions. “We are very excited about this partnership,” said Scott Anderson, president of eduLaunchpad. “YOUniversityTV produces the highest quality college videos on the Internet. Combined with our unsurpassed free college search and preparation tools, including a net price calculator and proprietary financial opportunity or FOPP score, eduLaunchpad is going to help students, parents and educators even more.”

YOUniversityTV is providing eduLaunchpad with college tour videos, student-produced videos, and career profile videos. In return, eduLaunchpad is providing YOUniversityTV with up-to-date college selection, financial aid information and resource articles.

“This partnership is going to further reinforce as THE destination to help students save money on college and pick the right schools for application,” says Brad Woodard, chief marketing officer for eduLaunchpad.

eduLaunchpad is the next generation of college search and preparation tools. It is unique because it provides easy-to-use strategy and school search engines which help students: 
  • Minimize their college expenses
  • Maximize their opportunities for financial aid
  • Identify and apply to the best schools for them
  • Avoid debt
 "As you can imagine, YOUniversityTV is highly selective about where it's video content will be displayed. We were thoroughly impressed with eduLaunchpad's dynamic content, site design and ease of navigation. It's exciting to imagine how this partnership will greatly benefit those researching college." said Ron Reis, Co-Founder for YOUniversityTV.

The strategies and tools of eduLaunchpad are provided free of charge, and any organizations interested in helping students are encouraged to freely link to

For more information on this partnership, or for detailed strategies and solutions to help college-bound students save money, please contact Scott Anderson at 563.359.1104.

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