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Boynton Beach, FL - July 13th, 2010 - The search for the perfect college has remained relatively unchanged for decades... until now.

"YOUniversityTV has completely changed the college search and selection process by becoming the only website to provide hundreds of professional college video tours; college-bound students aren't looking anywhere else. In fact, many school videos are viewed more on YOUniversityTV than on YouTube and profiles more than on Facebook." said Ron Reis, CEO & Co-Founder of YOUniversityTV.

YOUniversityTV is the leading college video tour website providing prospective college students and their parents with all of the essential tools to discover and learn about hundreds of the top colleges and universities across the nation.

The best part yet is that YOUniversityTV is a free resource for students and their parents, providing equal access to all.

"YOUniversityTV has built a unique business model to keep the site free for students and their parents and still be able to maintain a viable business", said by Angelo Kotzamanis, CMO & Co-Founder of YOUniversityTV.

Due to the current economic conditions many families had to forego traditional summer vacation destinations and are trekking to college campuses instead. The average family visits ten different schools before making a decision on where to attend. YOUniversityTV enables families to view colleges and universities just as if they were standing on campus, all while sitting at home on their computer. This website saves families thousands of dollars today better spent on tuition. By eliminating unnecessary and costly travel, the website is environmentally friendly, reducing the carbon footprint.

Every school featured on YOUniversityTV has a unique profile page where students can watch the school's college video tour, student and school uploaded videos, learn about different areas of study offered, request additional information, stay updated through recent news on campus and much more. The combined assets supplied by YOUniversityTV give students a wealth of information at their fingertips.

YOUniversityTV has taken the information people crave and converted it into the format they desire; simplifying the process for viewers to learn critical facts and gain fundamental knowledge through its youthful and energetic college video tours. The college video tours capture the true essence of what life is like to be a student on campus through the eyes of actual students and faculty. YOUniversityTV created proprietary tools that enhance the viewer experience , allowing them to engage, display, and share their opinions, thoughts, and get helpful information from the online community. Through exposure, YOUniversityTV will increase college enrollment and, because a more appropriate match is made, more students will complete college. By assisting in arming America's youth with higher education, YOUniversityTV promises to contribute to our nation's strength and future economy.

About YOUniversityTV

YOUniversityTV is the leading college video tour website showcasing hundreds of top U.S. colleges. With thousands of college videos, pictures, groups, blogs and more, YOUniversityTV contains the most comprehensive tools to assist students during college-selection, saving time and money.

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