Web site of the week: YOUniversityTV

The best way to determine if a college is right for you is to visit and get a feel for the campus and surrounding community. Due to financial and time constraints, however, that's not always possible.

With YOUniversityTV (http://youniversitytv.com/youlife/index.home.php), you can access video tours of hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States from the comfort of your home computer.

YOUniversity TV's professionally produced videos aim to provide an overview of collegiate life. In addition to the basics --- such as location, tuition and student enrollment --- the videos cover some of the unique qualities of the universities, including campus traditions and special academic programs. The tours also include interviews with both students and faculty, who share what they like about their school.

There are a host of other tools that make YOUniversityTV a valuable resource for university-bound students. The Web site has partnered with college-matching service Cappex to offer reports analyzing your chances of getting accepted to a particular school. You can also view student and school submitted videos to get another perspective of a college's offerings.

YOUniversityTV also features videos that examine different careers. For example, if you're thinking about entering the interior design field, you can watch the site's video that follows a day in the life of an interior designer. These career videos explain the skills and training needed for the occupation as well as highlighting some of the professional challenges of the job.

While nothing can replace an in-person campus visit, YOUniversityTV's virtual tours offer the next best thing.

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