Rep. Bob Etheridge assaults student on camera, apologizes

From College News - Congressman reportedly shoves, then grabs students after being approached on the street.

Rep. Bob Etheridge has released an apology after assaulting a young man on camera, according to multiple media outlets. As Politico reports, the congressman was approached on a street in Washington D.C. by college students armed with questions and a camera.

After questioning Etheridge on whether he supports the “Obama agenda,” the North Carolina Democrat demanded to know who the students were. The interviewer said they were working on a project. Etheridge continued to ask who they were, then swatted the camera and grabbed the interviewer by the arm and back of the neck before eventually letting him go.

Rep. Etheridge released an apology—which can be read on Politico here-- Monday saying, “I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved.”

By Janelle Vreeland

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