What is the Public Ivy League list?

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Many students dream of getting an Ivy League education. However, they are some of the most expensive and elite schools in the nation, so they are not accessible to everyone. If you have been searching for a good school, you may be wondering: What are public Ivies?

Many people are uncertain as to what this list truly is. Richard Moll created the list in the 1980's. He traveled across the US rating the quality of public colleges and universities. He tested them based on the characteristics that make these schools so great. He looked into the academics of colleges and universities and also the characteristics of the schools themselves. He selected the top educational schools for this list.

The characteristics include history, tradition, renowned graduates, lush campuses, and a great overall academic experience. The schools are all public resulting in much lower tuition rates than the regular Ivy League schools.

The original list started with just eight schools including the University of Michigan, University of California, College of William and Mary, and University of Texas at Austin. The list was further expanded by Howard and Matthew Green to include schools they felt deserved to be on the list. They added 11 schools, including Ohio State University, University of Illinois, University of Colorado, and Rutgers University.

If you are looking for an Ivy League education at a non Ivy League price, then you may want to consider one of the public ivies. They are among the best public colleges and universities in the nation. Graduating from one of these schools will ensure you get a top notch, quality education.

By Joy C. Harrison, As an editor for public ivy league and Justice Degree Online, the editor reviews and compares hundreds products on the internet.

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