How to improve your study habits

So you studying at college hey? I guess you also battling for motivation to start studying for your exams next month? Remember your attitude determines your aptitude. I know it hurts, but some day is never gonna come and take you buy the hand.

I really hope that these points will help.

So what seems to help?

1. Focus on it! So many people always say they so busy. At the end of the day, what gets done? You need to show fruit for your efforts. Show some fruit buy focusing on one thing at a time like your studies. Pay attention to the task at hand. You get thousands of bits of information that passes through your brain. Make it easier by simplifying that information so that your brain has more time to process your information.

2. Start to see Images. A lot of people like to call this mnemonics. Lets cut the chase and just call it as it is. When I see young toddlers reading books, life is so fascinating learning from an emotional cartoon book. We really need to see our work come alive to us by assigning a key image to the overall subject being studied. Your brain remembers up to 30% more when it can see relevant images, that have the emotions of the information. You got to roll with what ever you see.:-)

3. Sensory Stimulation. Touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste. I want you to see each of these senses as bridges into your longterm memory. So if one of these bridges fail, one of them are bound to get there. Therefore if you studying..... the human heart, put yourself in the situation of feeling the heart beating in you hand. What would it smell like? Dos it have a smell at all? Hopefully you wouldn't taste it, but am sure you get my point.

4. Consolidate your efforts. Revision is if not the most important part of your preparation for your exams. Every time you learn new information, your brain starts to build neurological pathways into your longterm memory. The more you consolidate the information in your studies, the stronger your pathways become and the easier your that information will be accessed. You really want your pathways looking like a highway so you will not have a problem accessing the information from your longterm memory.

5. See the bigger picture. Make sure you have your notes in good order with clear headings so your brain will not loose motivation. There's nothing worse than just seeing notes that looks like ants crawling on a page. You need to have your headings underlined with colour highlighter. By doing this you give your brain good direction in what needs to be done. Taking it in small chunks at a time is recommended. Taking to much information in the beginning can over load your brain in the initial stages. Start with the small and build on to a solid foundation.

Hitting your studies for a six should be so much easier! Please don't let your fear and procrastination lead you to your failure.

By Simon Wilkes,

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