Do College internships benefit you?

College internships, while they may not pay much, can be a great way to gain the necessary skills to compete in the job market after graduation. The hard work that they often demand is a fantastic way to prepare oneself for life in the working world. Recent graduates are often surprised at what is expected of them once they get their first full-time job in the real world, but those who have some degree of exposure to the demands of the job place are less inclined to the shock factor.

What one has to be sure of when searching for a college internship is that they choose one that truly benefits them. Make sure that you explore options that give you some degree of responsibility rather than assign purely mundane or monotonous tasks to their interns. You want to be sure that you take something from the opportunity, but first that opportunity has to put you in a position to do so.

There are some companies that offer interns a good deal of responsibility and even assign them to teams that are run by the interns. You won't be running a major corporation or anything like that, but you will be able to develop important skills, including leadership skills that some employers place at a premium when searching for recent graduates to join their companies.

While a lot of college internships come with low pay and probably no benefits, others offer their interns a little more and some may be unpaid. It's a good bet that you could use the extra cash, but don't choose an opportunity based solely on the amount of money you may be able to make. If you find one that allows you to make some good money and puts you in a position to develop important skills, that's great and you should jump at it, but don't take one that will have you serving coffee and filing all day.

To answer the question posed in the title, yes, college internships surely benefit you. But some do so more than others. It's choosing one that will put you in a good position to develop skills that makes the difference.

By Justin DiMateo,

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