Juliette Brindak, 19, worth $15 million

From College News - Young entrepreneur Juliette Brindak started Miss O and Friends, now valued at $15 million.

At ten years old, Juliette Brindak began drawing a series of young female characters, one of whom she named Miss O. To Brindak’s delight, everyone liked the characters and encouraged her to keep drawing. Soon enough, Brindak’s family joined her.

Brindak launched MissOandFriends.com in 2005. At the site, girls can interact with other girls their age, ask for advice, and play games. Miss O and Friends even have their own book, which has sold over 120,000 copies.

Juliette Brindak said that she was inspired to start Miss O and Friends when her older sister turned 13, she said during an interview with Junior Biz. “Girls can be mean. Boys come into the picture and school starts to get important. It’s just really stressful. So, I thought, ‘We should really start doing something for these girls.’”

The Miss O and Friends team now includes a staff of over 30 people, including interns, a webmaster, lawyer, psychologist and Brindak’s parents.

When asked what advice she had for young entrepreneurs, Brindak told Retire @ 21, “Have a good backing, not just financially, but people-wise. Surround yourself with people that you trust and are just as dedicated to your idea as you are. If you do this, you will always have people to rely on and know that you can have a good team to help you move forward.”

In 2008, Proctor and Gamble invested in Miss O and Friends and valued the company at $15 million. Juliette Brindak is currently studying anthropology at Washington University in St.Louis, Missouri.

By Marisa Amorasak

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