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From College News - Tips to manage your time.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and in college this is especially true. Have you every wondered where all your time goes and how better to manage it. offers seven tips to make sure you can manage your academics and social life.

Being a superstar on campus is easy if you follow these simple tips:

1. Do a personal time survey. You have to know where your time is going to better manage it. When taking the survey, estimate the amount of time spent on each item. Once you have this amount, multiply it by seven. This will give you the total time spent on the activity in one week. After each item’s weekly time has been calculated, add all these times for the grand total. Subtract this from 168, the total possible hours per week.

2. Determine how much time per week you have to study. To get A’s you should follow this general rule. Study two hours per hour in class for an easy class, three hours per hour in class for an average class, and four hours per hour in class for a difficult class.  Adjustments will have to be made depending if you need more time for certain classes.  Try the schedule for a week and make the necessary changes.

3. Create a daily schedule. Use the medium that works for you, an agenda book, an index card, or a dry erase board.  Now most cell phones come with a calendar feature that can be managed online.  Make sure you give yourself a 10-15 minute window between activities.

4. Don’t be a perfectionist. No one is perfect and you are not an exception.  Make sure your goals are realistic and that you allow enough time to get them accomplished.

5. Learn to say “NO.” Knowing when to be social and when you have to get your studies done is key.  Saying no will help you in the long run.

6. Learn to prioritize. Learning how to prioritize will be key in time management. Use a method that works for you.

7.  Combine several activities. If you have a commute to school, record and listen to lecture notes.  Make a mental to do list while taking a shower or pay bills while watching television.

By Theresa Garrett

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