Taking a fun elective in college

College is a great time in your life where you get to enjoy all sorts of new things that you have never experienced before in your years of education. Out of everything that you can do, you also have the freedom to pick and choose your own classes, unlike grade school. This means that if you like the idea of a violin teacher show you how to play the violin then you can do that! Though violin teachers are known to be pretty harsh at times with their students, you can still have fun doing something that you have always wanted to do.

Learning to play the violin, let alone any instrument, can be tough, so you have to make sure that you are fully committed to learning to play, or else it will simply be a waste of your time and the teachers. Learning to play any instrument when you have never played before can be quite a task and somewhat difficult so you need to have the right motivation in order to be successful. It will be something that you have to practice every day until it clicks. For some people it can be very easy, but for others it is not so easy.

Playing an instrument once you understand how to do it and can actually perform something is very interesting because it is a great feeling that you get when you have finally accomplished something that you have been working very hard on. Though actually learning how to play the instrument and learning how to read music can be difficult, you will feel very accomplished when you can say that you can truly play and perform an instrument. Then, when you want to play for a friend or a family member, you can show off your skills, knowing that you worked hard to learn them.

The great thing about learning to play an instrument in college is that you are learning something that you personally love and enjoy, but you are also earning credit for elective requirements that you will need for college anyways. So, in a sense, you are pretty much killing two birds with one stone and getting a lot done for yourself. Plus, having a class that you enjoy amongst all of your harder classes is a great break in the middle of your day when it starts to get a little tough. Having one hour a day where you can relax and not have to worry about papers or calculations is wonderful!

So, if you have ever wanted to play a musical instrument and you are going into college, do not think that it is too late, because it is never too late and anybody can learn how to play an instrument. The best part is that you are doing something you love while getting your education and that is so important. Though you may not love your teacher at least you are accomplishing something else that you can cross off of your bucket list.

By Stewart Wrighter, ezinearticles.com

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