7 college fees that are commonly overlooked

Don't forget these expenses

Student Activities ~$300 The activities on campus seem free, and students usually don't have to pay out of pocket. Instead, a student union fee is attached to tuition bills to pay for the student activities.

Greek life ~$2,000 Dues for joining fraternities or sororities are not cheap. The average cost is $2000, so figure out if it's worth it to you.

Health care $30 to $2,400 According to the Government Accountability Office, more than half of colleges offer insurance plans, with annual premiums from $30 to $2,400*.

Sports ~$200 to $1,000* While sports stars and jocks will get scholarships, the rest will have to pay to play. Intramural sports are fun, but they cost money as the school has to provide resources.

Parking ~$400 to $600 At Ohio State, parking fees are up to $600 per year and at the University of Hawaii they cost $426. But don't cut costs on parking: Universities have their own ticket-writers - and have been known to hold diplomas hostage for parkers who don't pay up.

Technology ~$130 to $445 Students are often charged about $200 per year to cover maintenance, ink and paper, claims the U.S. Student Association, a network of college student governments. Tech-oriented students could pay more.

Study abroad fees ~$800 Some schools charge a "maintenance fee" for study abroad, aside from regular tuition and personal costs.

Do your homework and be prepared for your costs, as this may hinder where you want to go. Do not be let down by this though, just realize how much your schooling is really going to cost you.

A lot of times going to a community college and taking the bus there and a little walk, is going to save you a headache and your pocketbook. Community colleges will be much cheaper to attend if you are a resident of your state. I am taking a EMS Paramedics Associates class, and for my entire tuition and books, I will only be paying $600. No parking fees, no student union fees, no anything else. Why pay more to have a degree from a major from a fancy university that is the same degree you will get at the community college for 100 times or better the price?

Lets say for instance... I am going to my community college and am taking the EMS Paramedics Associates Class, and the cost like I said is only $600 right. Well now I go to the university across the street. This university is going to charge me all the above 7 fees, and my tuition is going to be $6000 plus interest. I can take the $600 to the community college pay them off all at one time and be done with it, as to where I would probably need financial aid and they tax you on interest too. I can go to the bank put away the payments I would have been making to the school for the tuition, and be saving that money for when I graduate community college.

Long story short, just be wise to what your paying for, and is it really worth paying that much to have a few little extra things that you may use very rarely?

Thanks for reading, and God Bless,

By Dwayne M. Prentice

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