What Is an Undergraduate Degree?

There are numerous types of degrees you can earn after graduating from college. The one you choose will likely depend on what you are hoping to accomplish in the work environment. Each type of degree will open different doors for you professionally. Let's start by looking at what is an undergraduate degree.

Associate's and bachelor's degrees are considered undergraduate degrees. Program completion varies by university and program selected. Typically, an associate's degree takes two years to complete and a bachelor's degree takes four years to complete.

Courses taken in undergraduate programs give a basic educational foundation for a specific program of study. Programs are made up of general education courses, electives, and core courses. General education courses are courses that everyone in the college usually has to take. They include subjects such as English, math, and a history. The core courses are program specific. For example, a business management program may have core classes of accounting, management, finance, and economics.

You can even get your undergraduate degree completely online. This is becoming the most popular way for working adults and those just out of high school to complete their college education. These programs can be 100 percent online or a mix of online and on campus classes. This allows students to attend class with little to no disruption to their work and family commitments.

Earning an undergraduate degree can open many doors for you professionally. On average those professionals with an undergraduate degree earn approximately 25% more than those without. That can be quite a motivating factor to look into earning one!

By C. J. Harrison, ezinearticles.com

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