Quick hits: Kerrigan death, Sarah and Vinnie suspended, and Gary Coleman’s mugshot

From College News - Celebrities and their relatives behaving poorly dominates your Quick Hits.

Sure, the fact that we like to snark it up here in our Quick Hits feature is no secret. But can we here at College News say that former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan is in a legitimately terrible situation right now? We’ll wait until later in order to elaborate, but needless to say, we wouldn’t wish what she’s going through on her worst enemy (that being Tonya Harding, of course). Otherwise? It’s celebrities behaving badly, including Arnold Jackson himself, Gary Coleman.

But why take our word for it? (Wait a minute, that’s the point of this whole feature). On second thought, take our word for it, but just make sure that you do so quickly. And on that note, here’s your Quick Hits:

1. Nancy Kerrigan’s father dies; Brother Mark Kerrigan charged with assault

The name Nancy Kerrigan might not ring any bells to our readers, due to the fact that the height of her fame came when our youngest readers were prepping for Kindergarten. But here it goes: Nancy Kerrigan is an Olympic skating who, when prepping for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, was assaulted by rival skater Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and friend Shawn Eckardt., who struck Kerrigan in the knee with a baton.

Needless to say, the scandal was probably the most controversial thing ever to hit the world of professional skating. Since then, Kerrigan has, for the most part, led a quiet life skating in variety shows, and appearing in 2007’s Will Ferrell flick Blades of Glory.

On Monday, however, Kerrigan was thrust back into the spotlight due to a horrible situation with her family. The skater’s father, Daniel Kerrigan, was found unconscious by police. Daniel Kerrigan and his son, Mark Kerrigan (Nancy’s brother), reportedly had an argument which turned violent. In the struggle, Daniel Kerrigan collapsed, and then died at the hospital where he was taken.

Mark Kerrigan was arrested, and now has entered a not-guilty plea, according to the Los Angeles Times

2. Gary Coleman arrested; mugshot shoots across cyberspace

Former child and reality star Gary Coleman was arrested Sunday on domestic violence charges, according to ABC News. The incident is the latest in a series of skirmishes for the diminutive actor. No charges have been filed as of yet, but it is suspected that the fight was between Coleman and his wife, Shannon Price, whom he married in 2007. However, Gary Coleman’s arrest has taken on new life, thanks to the internet. Namely, Gary Coleman’s mugshot is...rather frightening and Yo. It’s been zipping around on the internet. You can find it here:


3. Sarah and Vinnie suspended

Who the deuce are Sarah and Vinnie, and why should we care as to why they’ve been suspended? The world of search trends works in mysterious ways. We’re only here to try and explain them. With that in mind, Sarah and Vinnie, a popular morning radio duo based in the Bay Area, have been reportedly suspended—though trying to find a source as to why they’ve been suspended has been a challenge for some, who’ve taken to Craigslist to inquire about Sarah and Vinnie’s suspension.

Meanwhile, Digital News Report, um, reports that the duo were suspended because of allegedly anti-gay comments the pair made on Friday. The station for which Sarah and Vinnie work issued an on-air apology on Monday, and the duo weren’t broadcasting during their normal time slot. Radio Alice has yet to issue a formal statement.

In news that actually matters

4. Tempe imposes “security fee” for presentation. A violation of free speech?

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) reports that Tempe University is imposing a “security fee” on students who want to attend a presentation given by Geert Wilders, who is on trial in the Netherlands for inciting discrimination and hatred against Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism. FIRE argues the fee is unconstitutional.

Obviously, the Court of Amsterdam has never been on an internet chat room, where everything from polka dots to candy bars has somehow been compared to Nazis, before. There’s a reason why Godwin’s Law rings true.

5. Yale teaches romance...novels

Two Yale grads are set to be teaching “Reading the Historical Romance Novel”, a course which aims to teach students about the romance novel, this spring, according to the New Haven Register. As if Yale didn’t have enough peculiar ideas around campus already. We kid! The grads do espouse profundities about

By Jon Graef

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