How to write a perfect persuasive essay

One of the most consternating tasks that most students face is writing an essay. Regardless of the nature or type of the essay; be it a class essay or a contest essay, students find the task overwhelming. Amidst my studies I have done numerous essays and I have come to understand that there are various steps that can be embraced by students to ease the process of writing a persuasive essay. Integrating these steps will help in breaking down the essay task into manageable parts.

It is undeniably true that the desire of any essay writer is to create an excellent piece of work that is persuasive; however, many writers fail to understand the basics of writing a good essay. Therefore, having a good understanding of the most effective steps in writing a persuasive essay is integral in producing a good essay.

Below are the steps that can help in writing an interesting persuasive essay.

Select an interesting topic

Essentially, a student is often given a specific topic to write about or asked to pick a topic of their choice. Regardless of the case, it is paramount to first think about the kind of essay you seek to produce whether it is an argumentative, discussion or an analysis. When not granted a discussion topic, this gives you an opportunity to select a topic that is interesting to you. When you have an assigned topic, it is important to first think about the kind or rather the type of the paper that you are required to produce. This involves determining whether it should be a general overview of the subject or whether it is on a specific analysis and thus will help to narrow your focus when deemed necessary. Consequently, in cases where you are no assigned a topic, it means there is an additional work of choosing the subject. This is an advantage since you are free to choose your most preferred topic. The important thing will be to define the purpose, whether I is to inform or to persuade.

I like doing persuasive essays and I mostly select topics that I am passionate about and interest me.

Have an outline for your ideas

Organizing one’s thoughts is integral. Before writing the essay, it is important to sketch down the possible ideas down on paper, this helps to create, links and connections between the ideas. Once you have a sketch of the ideas, organize the ideas from the main point; main ideas to the least ideas. This will help in seeing the connections between the points and in organizing the paper.

Formulate your thesis

After getting a suitable topic and organizing your points the next step now is to formulate your thesis. The thesis will help in telling the reader the main points expected in the paper. The thesis should state the topic and the specific point being fathomed by the essay.

Write the body

This section of the essay describes, explains or argues the selected topic. The selected ideas will make the subheadings of the body. Each of the body paragraphs will use a similar structure. The basic structure is first having an introductory sentence then supporting ideas backed up with examples to make the argument more understanding and finally write a concluding remark on the idea.

Do the introduction

After doing the body and the thesis, you can now do the introduction. It should attract the attention of the readers. The best intriguing attention grabbers can be the use of shocking information, a quote, dialogue or a summation of the topic. Regardless of the selected approach, it is important to ensure it is tied to the thesis statement which should be the last statement of the introduction.

Do the conclusion

All the ideas discussed in the essay are summed up in the conclusion section. It provides a final point of view on the discussion topic. It is basically a reinforcement of the thesis. I often make the conclusion interesting.

After doing the conclusion, it is important to proofread the work to do the final touches and to make correction where deemed necessary. I have been embracing these steps, and the results have been overwhelming. I believe that adhering to the above process is more likely to make essay writing a less dreading task as often perceived by students. One is not only going to have a great essay but a well-presented paper.

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